Draft – Q&A: Airsoft on a Budget (3)

In this article, we’ll be answering the infamous ‘budget’ question that almost everyone thinks of when entering a sport like Airsoft. Beginners are scared of the intimidating price point that is revealed on Airsoft displays and also afraid of making a bad purchase. Hence, people start to get mixed feelings about how financially destructive this sport is without actually experiencing it. We will tackle the question in-depth along with details on recommended brands that you should buy from. Also, If you’ve come to this article as a beginner, there is a mega-beginners guide on the website dedicated to turning a beginner airsoft player into an intermediate. I highly suggest you check it out as it contains valuable information that no one wants to miss out on.

Can I go into Airsoft on a Budget?

airsoft budgetAirsoft is a sport where the experience can heavily depend on the amount of money you put in. If you put in the bare minimum just so that you can get out on the field, you’ll find that you can’t really trust the gear that you’ve bought. Budget is something that you must be able to determine before entering the sport. Once you’ve determined a budget, the next step is to find a suitable gun from a reputable manufacturer. You’ll want to find a gun that is easy to upgrade in case you wish to pursue the sport further and also a gun that can hold its own out of the box.

Due to fluctuations in the market, it’s hard to determine a set budget for everyone to use as a guideline. However, I think that if you have at least two hundred USD saved up, you can most likely get the gun you want along with some equipment. After that, Airsoft just relies on admission money or a membership fee if your field has one. Experts from Airsoftwarrior show a great budget estimate with finances that I highly recommend you read.

Recommended Beginner Brands


G&GG&G’s products are a great bang for your buck. In fact, the GR16 Combat Raider that they manufacture is a very heated item for beginners. It is recommended by many Airsoft players because it can hold its own out of the box and can be easily upgraded. G&G is a solid brand that manufactures many different types of gun. If you can find one that you like through their extensive shopping manual, you will find that most Airsoft guns in the catalog are very affordable. G&G is a great brand that you can place your trust in. Many Airsofters can vouch for the brand as even I had started out with a G&G TGM A5.


If you are an AK-47 fan or like the style of those weapons, CYMA is known for making great durable replicas of the sort. Not only that, but CYMA’s weapons are extremely affordable to a new player. The AK47’s are easy to upgrade if you wish to pursue Airsoft even further and can be relied upon when you are feeling uneasy about whether or not you should modify it. Unfortunately, not much can be said about CYMA’s other models where the quality can start to drop. CYMA has been known for its AK’s and only for it. For this reason, I highly suggest that if you are into the AK47 line of guns, to go check out what options you have regarding CYMA.

Jing Gong (JG)

Most people have the common misconception that since Jing Gong is a Chinese clone company that it is a low-quality brand. A brand that should be avoided and one that does not deliver. However, I’d like to say that those who think that, are wrong.


attachments-hnIf you have enough money left over to buy a scope, your gameplay would improve immensely. This is fact and not something that is said to sell you on more products. Having a sighted scope will literally make your gun a laser. The elements of the game change completely since you can now rely on your gun. You’ll also find yourself holding the gun better and properly as the scope has to be looked through in a certain way. Check out our article on best Airsoft scopes. I guarantee that you will be able to find a scope that works just for you.

Another attachment that I want to bring to your attention is flashlights. Flashlights can win you firefights and even fake out your enemy. Blinding your enemy using a strobe light function is also viable and the more creative you get, the more rewards to reap. You might think a flashlight is underwhelming at first but when you jump into your first game facing one, you’ll easily see the immense power that it brings.


Safety should always be a priority. It’s something that your budget should include before you even mask-hnconsider buying any equipment. Most of this should be a given but never invest in anything cheap. You’d want to keep your eyes (I assume) and buying unrated/cheap protection might not do the job. We have an article on the best Airsoft goggles that you can buy. I highly recommend you check that out since it’ll really help you in the long run. You’d also want to invest in other parts of your head. Ear protection, helmet, and your neck. These are parts that will hurt when you get shot. For this reason, try to bring a scarf, an earmuff, and even a baseball cap. These things will keep BB’s from leaving a nasty scar but enough impact to call the hit.

Last but not least, don’t fall into the trap in getting Mesh Goggles. BB’s have been known to pierce through or shatter on impact through Mesh Goggles so please stay away from them. As for mesh masks, strangely enough, I’ve had no incidents with. If you are still considering getting Mesh Goggles as a means to increase your budget size, do take a look at the opinions of AirsoftSociety. Here is a popular Airsoft Youtuber, Airsoftology also speaking about the dangers of Mesh Goggles. You’ll come to find that Mesh Goggles are hated in the community since they are actually dangerous. For your sake, please stay away from them.


All of this depends on you. How much money you put in and how much you are prepared to spend will all depend on how financially prepared you are. Budget is subjective which is why this commonly asked question keeps getting asked. I’m sure that many who read this article will be disappointed that there is no ‘set’ amount but that’s the reality of it. Make sure that when you finally decide on the gun you want, to do additional research and your plans for it in the future.

Airsoft on a Budget Final Thoughts

What we can do, is submerge yourself in a load of Airsoft knowledge so that you know what you are getting yourself into. Many of our articles take into consideration the perspective that you come from. So check out the beginners guide article where we go in incredible depth on almost all subjects. You’ll find that a lot of the knowledge can be overwhelming at once but I like to think that the article is simple enough to find the answer that you truly seek. That being said, this concludes the Airsoft Budget Q&A. Thank you for visiting iamairsoft.com! For great products and more information about the game, check out our Airsoft Buyers Guides and Airsoft U!