Guide to Airsoft Gear Boxes

What’s Inside? Guide to Airsoft Gear Boxes [Keep it Clean!]

When entering this sport, you’ve probably heard about this regarding upgrades, downgrades or any type of modification. If you’ve ever wondered how your gun works or seek the knowledge on how you could improve your gun, this article will inform you and hopefully encourage you to try out teching. Do be warned that disassembling your … Read more

Guide to Airsoft LiPo Batteries

Charge it Up! Guide to Airsoft Lipo Batteries [Information]

You’ve probably wondered why the majority of the airsoft community is switching over from NiMH style batteries to LiPos. In fact, many guns these days, are branded with the term LiPo-Ready. With new technology being introduced to the sport, a good way to gain an advantage is to stay knowledgeable about the newest trends. Most … Read more

Airsoft Tech

Fix it? Airsoft Tech Know Your Equipment [Yes We Can]

Ah, we’ve all been there. After a week or two of waiting, it’s finally game day. You head off to your local airsoft field for a day of slinging plastic and… your gun won’t work. It’s jamming. It’s not firing. It’s shooting completely wrong. Or, on a more positive note, you’ve got your eye on … Read more