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Though they have been in business for less than a decade, Lancer Tactical has made a name for themselves in the airsoft world. They didn't start out too well but are learning from their mistakes, offering their customers some decent airsoft products at budget-friendly prices. If you're looking for a new airsoft gun and Lancer Tactical is on your radar, keep reading to find out what this company stands for and what they can offer you in terms of airsoft gear.

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Origin of Lancer Tactical

Lancer Tactical was founded in California in 2012 as a rebrander of airsoft products. They focus on affordability, giving their customers the gear they're looking for without breaking the bank. Other than these details, there is very little known about this company.

Initially, they weren't that highly regarded, due to the poor reliability of their products. They've upped their game, though, putting out improved airsoft guns to help rebuild their brand's reputation. Though their customer base has expanded a bit, their image still carries a stigma that will be hard to get rid of. This doesn't stop them from trying, though.

What Does Lancer Tactical Sell in the Airsoft Market

When it comes to Lancer Tactical products, their airsoft guns are their biggest market. They are mostly known for their low-end plastic-bodied M4 airsoft replicas. They also have some bolt-action replicas that carry the Lancer name, one of which is a plastic bolt-action version of the Barrett M82 semi-automatic rifle.

Lancer is also currently working on adding some full-metal mid-end replicas to their product lines, such as their “Warlord” serious, which includes some monolithic uppers and quite a few HPA-powered guns.

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As well as airsoft guns, Lancer has done some rebranding of a variety of tactical gear. This includes products like helmets, chest rigs, knee and elbow pads, pouches, and a few other pieces.

Though they also make some eye protection, it isn't recommended that you buy any of Lancer's eyewear. This is because their eye gear isn't validated to ANSI Z87.1 standards. For this reason, many airsoft fields won't even allow you to use them. Lancer even tried falsifying the ratings for their eyewear, which resulted in the arrest of their CEO in January of 2017.

Does Lancer Tactical Make Their Own Products?

When it comes to their airsoft products, Lancer doesn't actually make their gear themselves. In fact, all of the Lancer Tactical products on the market are produced by a third-party original equipment manufacturer or OEM. They are then rebranded with the Lancer logo and Lancer then sells and distributes them to their customers.

Where Can You Buy Lancer Tactical Airsoft Guns?

If you're looking for a Lancer Tactical airsoft gun, it won't be too hard to find one. The low-end products can be purchased at many department stores or sporting goods stores. The higher-end Lancer guns can be found at dedicated airsoft shops or through a variety of online retailers. Lancer may also be opening their own webshop sometime in the near future to sell their products directly to their customers.

Partial Listing of Lancer Tactical Products

Best Lancer Tactical AEG for Beginners


Lancer Tactical Gen 2 EVO AEG LT-12 AEG Electric Aerosoft Gun, Gray with High FPS

The LT-12 M4 EVO AEG airsoft rifle is a replica of the AR-15 variant rifle. It includes a decent nylon polymer receiver and uses Lancer Tactical's second-generation gearbox. This model also comes in a variety of colors with a few different handguard options to choose from.

Despite the fact that a large number of Lancer's low-end airsoft guns have a bad reputation, the LT-12 performs at the average rate for its price range. It does have some handy features, including the rotary hop-up design, the adjustable Crane-style stock, and the storage in the stock for the included battery.

This airsoft rifle is compatible with any of the Tokyo Marui spec internal or external upgrades, so you can customize it as you see fit. There is a lower Picatinny rail that allows you to attach a foregrip or any accessories you like to improve your game. The manufacturer of this product isn't specified but this won't be an issue for many airsofters.


  • Multiple color and handguard options
  • Adjustable stock
  • Battery storage in stock


  • Unknown manufacturer
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Best Mid-Tier Lancer Tactical AEG

Lancer Tactical LT-201BA Gen 2 Warlord Series Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle (Black)

Lancer Tactical LT-201BA Gen 2 Warlord Series Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The LT-201BA is one of Lancer Tactical's unique designs. It includes a monolithic extruded upper receiver and a polymer lower receiver. This airsoft rifle is lightweight but has a sturdy design that will handle some rough use on your favorite airsoft field. It also comes in several different colors and lengths to meet your preferences.

This airsoft gun has some cool features, too, such as the Keymod-style rail attachments for the handguard. The controls are fully ambidextrous, including the fire selector, the bolt release, and the magazine catch. all of which are also ergonomic and oversized to make them easy to use, even if you're wearing gloves.

The stock is a Berretta-style folding piece that is retractable for convenience but a bit delicate, so you need to be gentle with it. Another slight flaw is the limited battery space in the handguard. Like many of the other Lancer Tactical products, it isn't specified who actually manufactures this one.


  • Fully ambidextrous controls
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design


  • Limited battery space in the handguard
  • Delicate folding stock
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Best Lancer Tactical Knife Trainer

Lancer Tactical M9 Replica Bayonet

Lancer Tactical CA-07 Rubber Knife/Bayonet for M4/M16 Airsoft Guns

When you think of airsoft, you probably aren't expecting to see a rubber knife among the other gear. These handy little knives do have their uses during an airsoft game, though, which is why so many airsofters are adding them to their list of essentials.

Quite a few airsoft fields allow you to use these types of knives to make “knife kills”, where you tap another player on the shoulder with it to count it as a kill. This particular knife is made of Santoprene, which is much softer than the rubber used for some other knives. It will still hurt a bit if you “stab” someone with it, though, so don't get overzealous.

The M9 Replica Bayonet from Lancer Tactical is pretty cheap, especially when you compare it to the more professional rubber knife trainers on the market today. It fits nicely on M16 and M4-style rifles for use as a functional bayonet. It is easy to attach and release from the gas block as well, plus it includes a belt-clip sheath for carrying it.


  • Low cost
  • Soft Santoprene material
  • Belt-clip sheath included


  • Plastic handle
  • No leg strap on sheath
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Best Lancer Tactical AK-Style Rifle

Lancer Tactical AK RIS

Lancer Tactical AK RIS AEG Metal Gear Electric Airsoft Rifle Gun - Dark Earth

The Lancer Tactical AK RIS is a variant of the real-steel AK-74 rifle. This airsoft version is manufactured by Jing Gong (JG)/Golden Eagle. The body is ABS plastic, which is lightweight but does have some creaks and flex to it that may make some airsofters wary of using it. Despite this minor flaw, it is still has a relatively solid performance for its low price.

The AK RIS uses a metal Version 3 gearbox, which is compatible with most of the standard upgrades for this type of airsoft gun. It is also compatible with most of the AK airsoft magazines, regardless of if they are AKS-74-type or AKM-type.

Another great feature this gun has to offer are the forward RIS system, which simplifies the use of sights, weapon lights, foregrips, or other accessories. It includes an adjustable Crane-style stock, an adjustable hop-up, a 500-round magazine, and a battery to get you started.


  • Version 3 gearbox
  • Solid performance
  • Adjustable Crane-style stock


  • ABS plastic body has some creaks and flex
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Best Lancer Tactical Unique Airsoft Gun

LT-20 B M82 Polymer Spring Sniper Rifle

Lancer Tactical LT-20B M82 Polymer Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Black

The LT-20 B M892 Polymer Spring Sniper Rifle is the cheapest Barrett-style airsoft gun available. It isn't the most effective sniper rifle for field use because it's a bit bulky and heavy, not to mention the low rate of fire or the poor accuracy. It is still a fun airsoft gun to mess around with during casual games, though.

This airsoft rifle uses a system that's similar to the A&K SVD bolt-action rifle, so it may be compatible with a few of the A&K SVD upgrades. The high-strength injection-molded polymer construction makes it quite durable, so you don't need to worry about it falling apart the first time you use it.

Though the gun is pretty long when fully assembled, it can be broken down into two pieces, making it much easier to store or travel with. It also features an adjustable stock and an ergonomic grip. The inner barrel doesn't extend to the end of the outer barrel, which some airsofters may not like.


  • Disassembles for storage and travel
  • Injection-molded polymer construction
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Not a great field weapon
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Lancer Tactical Airsoft Final Thoughts

Despite their unfavorable history, Lancer Tactical is doing their best to improve their products and earn their place in the airsoft world. Their guns and gear are all affordable, making them a great choice for beginners or those on a budget. They also have a wide range of products to choose from, giving you almost everything you need for a great game.

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