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Airsoft can be quite overwhelming for a person that is trying to enter the sport. It is a wonderful game but the abundance of knowledge can be quite intimidating. Nobody wants to buy from a low-quality brand or be clueless when put into an action-packed field. Just like how some hobbies require an educated approach, you might want to start Airsoft with that same learning mindset! The goal of this Airsoft Beginner’s Guide is to turn the reader from a beginner into an intermediate player so that anyone who reads this can enter the sport without any worries. So without further ado, let's begin!

Guide Sections

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  4. Up Your Game & Game Modes

Airsoft For Beginners

Airsoft is a sport that can come in many variations. There are many creative modes that a player will be experiencing but the general idea is that you are trying to accomplish a goal with your team. Whether it be completely eliminating your opponent or planting a bomb, you’ll need to work together with your team to accomplish the game-winning task. Before the game, players equip themselves with whatever gear they have bought and use it as best they can in the field. Airsoft can be played indoors or outdoors. Where you play will depend on what field is available in your area but the experience can be different. Indoor fields tend to be more close combat oriented and you’ll find that a lot more players are running around with mobile guns. Outdoor fields tend to be slower due to the space and distance between each team. It opens up a new shooter class called the Sniper or the Designated Marksman and pushing objectives can get very tedious. But newer players should not concern themselves with class roles at this moment. In fact, your field might not require it or MIL-SIMs (Military Simulator) just aren't your style. Newer players should always start off by playing some pickup games where it's more casual and lenient. Lastly, before you choose which type of field you are going to, try reading some of the opinions in this Reddit thread. You’ll find that players have varying experiences when comparing pick up games (PUGs) to MIL-SIMs.

In terms of gameplay, a newer player should not expect to get a kill in every game. Airsoft is not very close to any action-packed shooters and leans towards a more tactical and strategic approach. If you are curious if there are many online first-person shooters that mimic this sort of Airsoft experience, you can try Rainbow Six Siege. With how it leans toward tricky angles and unique ways to frag, you’ll experience many of the same elements of this in Airsoft. Airsoft can also be quite costly and knowing this, players want the most efficient and effective gear. But before you try to research on equipment, know the importance of safety.


Fullhead-hn frincon

Just like in science, safety is the number one priority! Airsoft safety is extremely enforced due to the dangers that the gun

s can bring. Not only can Airsoft guns permanently damage an eye but anything face-related can seriously be dangerous. No one wants to deal with an easily avoided injury and fields want the players to have the most fun along with being as safe as possible. This means following the rules of the game, respecting the rules of the field and also protecting yourself. With that being said, never cheap out on safety equipment. You won’t regret it and you’ll feel less paranoid thinking about the reliability of your equipment.

Since the intended audience of this article would be new players, here are some equipment recommendations that you cannot go wrong with. This mask is still being used and I’ve not had any problems with it. It is flexible and can be mended with your face. It can also be compatible with any ear accessories you might want to attach later on. Another recommendation would be for eye protection. This goggle is infamous in the Airsoft community and is known for being reliable as well as budget-friendly. I can say with certainty that each product has been battle-tested heavily by me and if you have any questions on these products, feel free to ask any questions. If you are also looking for other equipment idea’s, check out this Reddit thread where other airsoft players showcase the equipment that they use. 

maskpic-hn frincon

One thing to note is that Airsoft is played with referees wandering around the field. The purpose of the referee is to catch cheaters, provide information and to be able to react quickly to any unexpected situation. Before an Airsoft game starts, there will always be a game briefing. This briefing is coupled with a safety brief and you’ll be fed info on how to play and how to be safe. There are usually cameras on the field and more than one referee on at a time so accidents that occur can quickly be resolved. There is also an Airsoft safeword that fields use in case an accident does occur. The safeword can change but the one in my field is called “NO DUFF”. The definition is that whatever is happening is not a drill or an exercise. Once heard, players that hear it will also start to shout it so that the message can be spread across the field instantaneously. This stops all gameplay and players will return to the lobby. It is a good safety measure to keep in mind and most of this will be mentioned in your fields safety brief.

All in all, remember that Airsoft is played to have fun. This seems like a no-brainer but I’ve seen many players get caught up in the moment as well as fights breaking out. Try to avoid anything that might spark a conflict because no one wants to be banned from their local field.

Airsoft Laws

gogglepic-hn frincon

Due to the nature of the sport, Airsoft has specific laws made for it so it can help prevent any sort of confusion. Airsoft contains many realistic themes of the military which can cause problems if you don’t know what your country allows. In this section, we’ll cover the basic Airsoft laws that exist in the USA together with our brothers in Canada.

United States of America

Our website does contain another article where we go into more depth of this here but generally, the laws are based on common sense. First and foremost, know that Airsoft guns are not treated as firearms and are legal for all ages. Legal in the sense that any age could use them without getting into trouble. However, buying an Airsoft gun becomes quite difficult as you need to be over the age of 18 to purchase one. If you’re looking to sell an Airsoft gun, there are no restrictions but to be on the safe side, it is recommended to attach an orange tip on the barrel indicating that it is not a firearm. Last but not least, note that you cannot have an airsoft gun in public. The consequences for breaking these laws can be quite severe and if broken, can produce lots of confusion for your local law enforcement.

P.S. If you’re looking for an answer on whether you can remove the orange tip on an Airsoft gun you just bought, you’ll have to research it yourself since the law varies depending on what state you are in.


orangetip-hn frincon

Just like the United States of America, Airsoft guns are treated as replica arms which means they are prohibited. You can only use them in an Airsoft field and cannot be taken out in public. Likewise, you also need to be 18 to buy an Airsoft gun but in Canada, the orange tip is not needed. If you are under 18 and you want to use an Airsoft gun, you need to be supervised by someone over 18. Lastly, taking an Airsoft gun out of the country will render it unable to come back.

If you’d like to look into Airsoft laws with more depth, look into our Airsoft laws article where every crucial detail is explained. Also, here is a cool infographic from OttawaAirsoft, which tries to simplify Canadian laws through visuals. You might find this helpful since it can be quite tiring reading immense walls of texts.

How To Get Started

After knowing the general basics of Airsoft safety and laws, you’ll want to know what you can do to get started. Airsoft is a game where the goal is to have fun, but if the necessary precautions are not taken, you might have a bad time. From my own Airsoft experience, I know what shots hurt the most which helped me optimize my equipment setup. So just like how we start our day by getting dressed, let's start with choosing our clothes!

Important Clothes

earprotectionattachment-hn frincon

My first painful shot occurred when I forgot to bring gloves. I was shot in the nails and it hurt so much that I could not pull the trigger of my own gun. That being said, I highly recommend that you purchase or bring gloves with enough padding to dampen a potential nail shot. You should also keep in mind how you approach the set up of your headgear. Another painful shot I endured would be an earshot. Generally, anything exposed on the head will be painful. This includes your neck. Make sure you have a flexible mesh mask that can bend according to your face along with goggles that are ballistic rated. Your neck should be covered by a scarf or any type of clothing that can dampen a shot. Protection around your face does not mean to completely negate all feeling of a hit but to protect. You’ll still need to feel hits but you’ll also need to maintain perfect protection around your vitals. All in all, the point I was trying to get across is that safety is extremely important but to keep note that it isn’t to make your head a complete block of steel.

Rental Gear

Many players opt for rental gear to see if they like the sport or not. This is an excellent choice because you’ll be able to use gun coupled with protection without having to invest tons of money. However, if you can, try finding a friend that has his/her’s own gun since some rental guns have been through a lot and it can really tamper with your experience. In one particular anecdote, a newbie that was trying to enter the sport couldn’t because the rental gear at my field was just horrendously bad. If you do plan to rent which is recommended for the first time, note that the gear you are using will not be up to par with store-bought weapons.


provisions-hn frincon

So many people forget how important water is to an Airsoft player. Just like any other sport that involves running, an Airsoft player needs a water bottle to last the entire day. You’ll also be sweating a ton so make sure you bring a towel too. It also helps to buy some anti-fog on your goggles and 0.20g BB’s. At this stage of the game, you don’t need higher weight BB’s as they are more expensive and in indoor fields, size doesn’t really matter too much. I should also bring to your attention that many players order pizza for lunch and dinner. If you bring your own food, you won’t have the hassle of moving the gigantic pizza box or scrambling to find any sort of cutlery. Bringing a snack or a meal can be extremely convenient. If not, delivery should be your last option.


After listening to the safety briefing and game information, you’ll head into the field with everything you prepared. This includes your guns, magazines and protection equipment. At this point, you’ll be assigned a team and then there’ll be a brief 1-5 minute session where you can plan your strategy. You’ll soon find yourself slinging BB’s in the hopes that you accomplish the game objective.

Keep in mind that when you play, to always keep track of your lives and whether or not you can be shot or not. Due to the nature of the sport, it is entirely possible for you to be hit by a ricochet BB which is an invalid kill. After being shot, see if you can spot your killer as it’ll help you in your next respawn or to confirm if it was indeed a ricochet. These types of KO’s are usually obvious and most hits do not ricochet but it is a good note to keep in mind.


If you really want to up your game, consider implementing real military tactics in your play! For example, knowing how to lay down suppressive fire can help your teammates advance the battlefield. Knowing the airsoft field by heart can also aid you since you’ll know the best ways to flank your enemy. Generally, you’ll want something called “Game Sense”. Game Sense is a term used in many online games to dictate a common understanding. For example, if you play a lot of MOBA style games, you’ll know the importance of a real-time map. In our case, knowing when to push and where to move is something developed through a strong game sense. If you notice someone laying down suppressive fire at your position, you should know that there is a reason for it. Knowledge of the game can help immensely and everyone will use all the advantages they can get. Last but not least, you’ll always want to work together with your team. Airsoft is a team sport (usually) since most game modes will be standard elimination. Communicating with your teammate will be key for victory and if you don’t, you’ll be put at a huge disadvantage from those that do.

If you want some quick tips for improving your game, I recommend that you read these three articles that go quite in-depth on strategy and most importantly, improvement.

If You've Enjoyed Airsoft

airsoftgrenade-hn frincon

If you’ve played your first game of Airsoft and realized that this sport is the one for you, let me introduce you to the vast world of its knowledge. In this section, I’ll help you get started on what brands you should buy from and also brands you should avoid. After using rental equipment, you’ll now want to purchase a gun that works just for you coupled with some equipment. After that, I’ll briefly introduce you to how Airsoft guns mechanically work so that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be prepared.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many things that are “must-haves” in the airsoft community. These things can include simple utilities like a speedloader to specialized weapons like grenades. After completing your head setup, you’ll be itching to buy your first Airsoft gun. Experts at Airsoft squared suggest that your first weapon should come from these manufacturers. Tokyo Marui, ICS, G&G, and KWA. These brands are reputable and known to have great quality control. They are also known for making guns that are extremely upgradable and durable. Although the price of these weapons might not be so budget-friendly, spending a couple more dollars for these brands can save you lots of money in the long run. Gun’s aren’t something that Airsofters buy every month or so. They are usually bought for its quality rather than its quantity. So find a gun that you like and try to match the brands that were provided. Noone wants to buy from a low-quality brand and have their gun break on the field. Invest in yourself and you’ll be rewarded.

There are lots of brands that specialize in making a certain type of weapon. For example, CYMA specializes in making well-polished AK47’s but fails to deliver the same type of quality to other gun variants. To find out more about this, check out some of our best articles since they’ll provide all the information you’ll need on a specific gun or part that you are looking for.

Airsoft Equipment

Airsoft equipment can be a very broad topic. In our case, I am referring to the gear you are bringing into the field. First and foremost, you’ll need a tactical military vest to hold your magazines and grenades. Depending on your field, you should find the appropriate camouflage and the number of pockets. Make sure you have enough pockets to store your magazines as well as quick and easy access to whatever equipped. After the vest, I wouldn’t worry too much about your pants unless you’d want to match the camouflage of your torso. Later on in this mega-article, we cover game-changing attachments that can give you pinpoint accuracy. But for now, explore and see what type of clothing you’d like to wear.

I also highly recommend that you buy at least one Airsoft Grenade. You’ll find out shortly, how useful a grenade can be when all your options force you to peak. It can eliminate players in tricky spots or you can fake them out by throwing a dud. When purchasing a grenade, make sure it's reusable and within field limits. You can also invest in smoke grenades, but they are all one-time use and could get quite expensive if you're using them constantly. Fancy gadgets like claymores, thermal vision, etc are quite gimmicky and are not practical. Unless some manufacturer decides to truly perfect the product, grenades are the goto specialized tool that is relied upon.

Airsoft Tech

Airsoftgearbox-hn frincon

Airsoft Tech is a term used to describe all technical aspects of Airsoft. It refers to the tinkering and upgrading of an Airsoft weapon. You’ll notice that some stores in your area offer a “tech” service. These tech services can range from upgrading the FPS of your gun to even repairing it. These fees are usually expensive but if you're scared to open your gun to upgrade/repair it, you can always get a guarantee from those professionals.

I learned how to tinker with my own guns by opening them up by myself. I searched countless youtube videos and tried to put it back together. Although, I failed many times but soon eventually got it. After doing this through countless failures, it actually becomes quite fun once you know what you are doing. Upgrading and repairing guns can be hassle-free and even you can be an Airsoft tech. You can help out those on the field with gun problems or even charge a fee just like the people at the store. Airsoft Tech will always be something important to Airsofters since upgrading and repairing will always be vital.

Another thing to add is that, on our website, there is an article dedicated to learning about Airsoft tech and gearboxes. I highly recommend that you read it if interested since it simplifies things so much that teching becomes an easily attainable skill.

Pause Before The Deep Dive…

The first part of this article is meant to serve as an introduction to those that have just started the sport. If Airsoft isn’t your thing, you wouldn’t find the need to keep reading beyond this part. However, if Airsoft is something you wish to pursue as a fun hobby, the next couple of parts will provide you with extremely helpful information that I wish I had when I started Airsoft. I’ll talk about important attachments that can influence the game modes completely, strategies/tactics that you can use to improve your play, Airsoft tech, and notable brands. If you already know about Airsoft tech, the article will be sectioned off so that it will be easier to find the specific information you need.

Gear & Brands

In this section of the Airsoft Guide For Beginners, I will indulge myself by introducing all the brands that I hate and love! Brands that have treated my peers fairly and brands that have not. The goal of this article will be to find the perfect Airsoft equipment for you and the knowledge to accompany it. Just like you, many Airsofters don’t want to waste their money on a bad purchase. There are just so many things to know that it can get hard to choose the right type of equipment.  Knowledge is power and in Airsoft, you’ll want all the advantages you can get whether it be in battle or the armory. So now, let us begin.

Types of Airsoft Guns

AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)

AEG’s are guns that operate on electricity (duh). They require the user to buy a battery along with a charger so that it becomes incredibly cost-efficient. The electricity that runs through the gun cycles a gearbox which shoots out a BB. Due to the fact that these are easily upgradable, affordable and extremely cost efficient, AEG’s are the top recommendation for any new airsofter looking to enter the sport.

GBB (Gas BlowBack)

gbb-hn frincon

GBB’s are guns that use gas as a resource. They operate by using gas as a means to launch the BB and are bought mainly for its recoil. Although the recoil of GBB’s is not as strong as the real firearm counterpart, they do provide a very realistic feel when used. On the other hand, they aren’t very budget-friendly and usually sought after by veteran Airsoft players. Not only do you have to worry about having spare gas, but magazine capacity heavily decreases. This means investing in more magazines and a vest that can store more. So in terms of a recommendation, I strongly advise against getting a GBB as a beginner’s first Airsoft gun.


The only competitively viable spring guns in Airsoft snipers and shotguns that are heavily upgraded. Since these Airsoft guns operate by resetting the spring in the gun, the shot that you fire has to count. It also means that you’ll have to invest in the proper upgrades and BB’s so that you can get the BB where you want it. For this reason, bolt-action sniper rifles and pump shotguns are not recommended and I would advise against it. However, if you really want to use a sniper or a shotgun, it becomes almost definite that you upgrade it to the max.

What Airsoft Equipment Do I Need?

First things first, an Airsoft player should know what type of gun they are getting. Whatever Airsoft gun you choose, has to be able to complement with how you play and how you maneuver around the map. Players that want to focus on positioning and map awareness should opt for long range weapons. Players that want to be quick and agile should opt for pistols/submachine guns. It all depends on what type of player you are so think long and hard before you read on.

airsoftvest1-hn frincon

Once you’ve decided on a gun that fits your playstyle, we can start thinking about what the gun needs to be able to accomplish. Budget will be your main concern since depending on how much you pay, determines what you get. Things like the replacement of parts, durability, quality, and upgrades will all be factored into the money you first spend. You’ll also want to consider what brand you are purchasing from because some are mod-friendly while others are not. So to simplify things, you should now think of a budget that factors in the cost of an Airsoft gun. For reference, take a look at what the experts at Airsoft Station suggest when recommending a high-quality gun. Unfortunately, you’ll find that some guns can be quite an investment so remember to spend wisely.

After identifying the type of gun and playstyle you use, you’ll want gear that can further improve your play. This means having an optimized set-up so you can have quick reloads coupled with easy accessibility. Having a vest or a belt that can store magazines is a must-have. If you aren’t looking to buy military shirts or pants, just having a chest rig should be fine too. All you really need is a way to carry your equipment into battle. So concerning money, you’ll want to factor in a chest rig of some sort that is of high quality. You do not want your magazines or side arm’s dropping on the ground and you want it to be comfortable. Hence, for clothes, make sure they are suited properly and flexible.

High-End Brands

Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui is a distinguished Japanese company that manufactures extremely reliable guns straight out of the box. Almost all of their guns are known to be incredibly accurate and easy to upgrade. The only downside that Tokyo Marui brings is that due to the nature of being based around Japan, they create the Airsoft Guns with externals made out of plastic. This does not mean that the guns are flimsy and weak though. Knowing this, Tokyo Marui creates their guns with the highest polymer plastic so that it can live up and compete with other manufacturers on the market.

ICS (I Chih Shivan)

ICS-I-Chih-Shivan frincon

Famously adored across the Airsoft world for providing reliable and accurate Airsoft guns. Many users on the web can vouch for ICS as a brand. They make it a point to try and replicate the real-firearm counterpart by licensing the correct trademarks as well as the material. Externally, the guns are full-metal for increased realism and performance-wise, extremely reliable. Knowing that not all Airsoft players can afford such high-end guns with trademarks, ICS has introduced a budget Airsoft series where they create the guns with plastic. The plastic is made out of high-polymer material and just like Tokyo Marui, is made to compete with other manufacturers.


G&G looks to make as many guns and takes on challenges to create these guns as realistic as possible. G&G has made so many variants of replicas that you can probably find your favorite style of gun on their store page. Externally, the guns are made out of metal. They don’t usually have trademarks but what they do offer is different operating systems for the guns. For example, G&G utilizes the Top Tech blowback system which is essentially an electric blowback Airsoft gun. In hindsight, G&G makes guns for every level of Airsofter. They have perfected their budget line so much that it has become the norm to purchase the GR16 if you are starting out Airsoft. Almost every Airsoft player can vouch for G&G and you wouldn’t be disappointed for putting your trust in them.

Real Sword

Like Cyma, this company is infamous for making extraordinary AK-47 replicas. The selling point of most Kalashnikov-style weapons that Real Sword provides is reliability, externals, and accuracy. Many Airsofters on the web like the users in this Reddit thread all agree that Real Sword AK’s are simply the best there is. Not many(if any) manufacturers are able to top the level of quality that Real Sword puts into their Airsoft guns. With that being said, some of their guns can get quite pricey but you’re definitely getting more than your money’s worth. As a new Airsofter with a high-budget, getting a Real Sword AK would make you set for life.


When people buy VFC guns, they are usually buying it for the high-quality externals and trademarks. Most trademarks are unobtainable by other manufacturers which allows VFC to truly take replica-making to the next level. Regarding performance, you won’t have any issues but there is room for improvement. Upgrading is incredibly easy with VFC guns since most of their parts are compatible with other manufacturers. All in all, there is not really much to say about VFC. If you want extremely close one to one realism on your replica, I would only recommend VFC as they’ve never disappointed anyone with their trademarks.

Mid-Range Brands

Classic Army

classic-army-m6 frincon

Classic Army is reliable. Most guns that they make can be used for a lifetime. However, you might want to look out for some of their guns. Make sure that the gun you are buying from Classic Army is a gun that many people have bought and reviewed. There are many people that have had negative experiences with the brand, describing it as a hit or miss. Externally, the guns that I’ve felt in real life feel great. They do not feel as realistic like VFC but they definitely are still made out of metal. Internally, however, most Airsofters would comment on the mediocrity of these guns. Not particularly accurate nor strong, the guns are quite average. If your budget isn’t as strong, you can definitely go for Classic Army. Most airsofters that buy from Classic Army use the external models for its looks. They then most likely intend to open it up to upgrade the parts inside of it. So if you cannot afford a high-end brand, going with Classic Army is a good bet to take.


Cyma is a brand that is known for making great budget AK’s. So much so that like G&G, the recommended starter gun becomes debatable as Cyma puts out a great product in defense. Many of their AK’s are durable, reliable and easily upgradable. Airsofters of all skill levels buy Cyma AK’s then improve them later on if they wish to pursue Airsoft more seriously. Unfortunately, not many can say this about Cyma’s other guns. Other manufactured guns of Cyma seem to lack externally and internally. Unlike their AK47’s, I personally recommend that you stay away from Cyma unless you are buying one of their AK’s.

King Arms

King Arms is a brand that hasn’t really impressed airsofters but also hasn’t disappointed them either. In fact, most of their guns are above average but never over the top. They are a great mid-range Airsoft manufacturer that you can use to buy low-budget guns to further upgrade later on. They make many models of different guns so if you are looking for a unique look, King Arm’s might just have it. Externally and internally, the guns material become what you pay for. Usually, their more expensive guns lean toward metal while their low expense guns lean toward polymer. All in all, for King Arms, they are a great mid-range company available to new Airsofters.


KWA-M4-rifle-1 frincon

KWA is a great manufacturer that tinkers with pistols and AEG’s. There AEG’s are great beginner weapons but they lack a little quality externally. They produce many variants like the M4’s, M16’s and even the g36’s. One thing that deters people from buying KWA guns would be the proprietary parts. Some of their guns have proprietary parts which mean that only KWA guns would be compatible with it. This makes upgrades extremely hard and sometimes impossible. However, the guns that they make are good and beginners would not find much of a difference when comparing their M4 beginner AEG’s to G&G’s combat raider. All in all, KWA is a great company but you might want to do additional research on the gun you are getting for information on potential proprietary parts.

JG (Jing Gong)

Known to make extremely durable guns. The G36’s that Jing Gong manufactures are a clone of Tokyo Marui’s G36 but at a much lower cost. Externally, the guns are made out of high-quality polymer and unlikely any metal. Jing Gong is a clone company that tries to mimic other manufacturer’s guns but at a much cheaper cost. What you are sacrificing here is quality and reliability. If you buy from Jing Gong, you must have the intention to open it up as its performance might hinder you. Fortunately, these guns are clones which means that the upgrade procedures would be exactly the same as a Tokyo Marui gun. For this reason, Jing Gong is a great company to start off an Airsoft career before you see whether or not you desire any upgrades.

Low-End Brands


we-tech-airsoft frincon

WE Tech is a bad manufacturer simply because of the horrible designs and failure rate that the guns have. Although they have definitely improved, buying some of their guns can still be a risk. On the other hand, they have cool designs and decals for guns that most manufacturers don’t have. Mostly, the designs of these guns are based off Tokyo Marui but it seems like WE misses the performance element that Tokyo Marui guns have. All in all, I wouldn’t advise WE because there are definitely better companies to buy from. In other words, it is simply not worth the risk.


Chinese clone company that is not really sought by Airsofters. Unlike Jing Gong, the clones that Dboys make are just horrendously bad. Externally and internally, the company underperforms other clones which makes it a bad option for Airsofters looking to purchase a new gun. Luckily, the guns that they provide are quite cheap so if you like experimenting or are interested in tinkering with your gun, you can use this to your advantage.


Coupled with shady business practices, Valken rebrands all of their products. Most products are usually low quality or taken straight from other manufacturers with the brands renamed. Hence, it becomes a risk to purchase any sort of Airsoft equipment from Valken marketing strategies are quite unethical. With the recent events involving Odin M12 speed winders, Valken is not a company you want to support.

Lancer Tactical

Another company that simply rebrands other manufacturer’s guns. Like Valken, most products are taken from other manufacturers so you can never be sure about the quality. To be on the safe side, I would not purchase from any branding companies so that you know what you are paying for.

What Airsoft Gun To Buy?

Now that you know more about the manufacturers in Airsoft, all you need to do is pick one that synergizes with your budget. If you have money to spend, go for a high-end brand! If you are on a tight budget, try finding a mid-range brand that is affordable. If you can’t financially afford a mid-range gun, I would save up and avoid low-ends until I’m able to purchase a gun that I can rely on. Below is our list of Gun Buyers Guides.

Airsoft Gun Buyers Guides:

Once decided on a gun, you can start looking for attachments. Attachments in airsoft are very critical. They improve your gameplay so much that it is actually game-changing. Properly sighted scopes turn your gun into a laser and coupled with a flashlight, you can even blind your opponent at the same time! For that reason, the next section of this article will focus on attachments that you can add for your Airsoft gun. As said before, absolutely game-changing.

Airsoft Attachments

gunpic-hn frincon

If you’ve had your first Airsoft game without a scope and then attached one, you’ll definitely be able to see how helpful having one really is. It is so incredibly important that even someone with horrendous aim can become a sharpshooter instantly. Flashlights are another very important attachment that Airsofters use. The strobe light function is so annoyingly distracting that it can easily win you firefights across distances. Experts at Airsoft Squared list 10 essential Airsoft Attachments that are “must-haves”. Similar to what I’m writing about, you might want to check that out too!

If you are looking to purchase an attachment, our website has many articles on what attachments are best used for what. Explore our website to find out more options that you might have missed.


Scopes make the game. The more combat experienced you are, the more effective you’ll be in battle. Since you won’t have to worry about aim, you can focus all your energy on other parts of the map. For that reason, I highly recommend that you buy an Airsoft scope along with your Airsoft gun. If you can’t afford any other attachments like a grip or a flashlight, make the scope your number one priority. It is that good.

Military grade scopes are overkill. You should mainly be going for a scope that can be sighted. Once you zero in your scope, you won’t need any of the fancy stuff that real military scopes have. I’ve been using a red dot reflex sight for my entire time playing airsoft and it was very inexpensive on Amazon. This feels bad to say but Chinese clones of real military grade scopes are a great option to complement your Airsoft gun. That being said, there is a scope buyers guide on our website that lays down the pros and cons of each style along with a recommendation of how you’ll use it.


grip1-hn frincon

Grips do exactly what they say they do. It is literally a grip. It makes your gun more ergonomic and comfortable. There are two main grips that Airsofters use, the angled foregrip and the vertical grip. Many Airsofters say that the feel of the grip is a preference but I went with the vertical grip. After using the angled foregrip, I noticed that it was easier to have a steadier aim with the vertical grip instead. So because of that, I started to use the vertical grip as my main.

This can be different for everyone. In fact, I also believe that it is preference. Try both, as they are fairly cheap. I do not think that this will have that big of an impact on your gameplay but the more comfortable you are, the better.


flash1-hn frincon

Flashlights, like scopes, are must-haves. The sheer pressure that it puts on the opponent when it shines down the battlefield is intense. You might think that flashlights just shine light but they are incredibly good for blinding your enemies. Enemies will be forced to stop peaking you which will allow you to push up and catch them off guard. There are just so many ways you can use a flashlight in airsoft which also opens up creative ways to get frags.

Ever since I got a flashlight, I noticed how game-changing a strobe light function can be. Strobelight is when your flashlight starts to blink incredibly fast and when combined during an intense firefight, it might just put you over the top. In terms of attachment priority’s, you should focus on getting a scope first, a flashlight and then a grip. Once you have these attachments, you’ll be set and the only growth from here on out is you.

Final Thoughts On Brands

Now that you know what brands to stay away from and the importance of each attachment, it's up to you to figure out what you are going to do with this information. Choose from a good reputable brand that is trustworthy and couple it with at least a scope. If you can’t find it in your budget to include an attachment, you can still purchase the gun you need. Attachments are easy to put on but you should also make sure that your gun is compatible with it.

Tech & Tactics

This section of the Airsoft Guide For Beginners will consist of airsoft technician work and a tactics guide. After getting a gun and playing your first games, players would want to know how to fine-tune and maintain their precious guns! Most AEG’s and GBB’s operate in very similar ways so by digesting the basics, you’ll be able to at least not destroy your gun the moment you open it up. There are also some simple mechanics that I’d like to introduce to the new player. These mechanics can help win you games and are often overlooked by even the most experienced players. So without any more unnecessary words, let's dive straight into it.

How to Become an Airsoft Tech

Noone wants to spend millions of dollars on parts that they don’t need. They also don’t want to buy parts that aren’t compatible or worse than the stock parts provided. In fact, many airsofters have a goal which is to become a fully functional airsoft tech so that they could do all the expensive tech services themselves. In the next paragraphs, let me help lay the foundation for you to begin your journey as an airsoft technician.

Knowledge is Power

airsoftgearbox-hn (1) frincon

In almost all instances, having knowledge is definitely advantageous. That being said, Google is definitely your best friend when confronting tech work. Most of the time, the issue or predicament that you are going through, has been thoroughly recorded by a helpful YouTuber online. If not, you’d start to begin on relying on past knowledge with similar models. Before I started teching, I made sure I had a solid foundation of knowledge on how airsoft gearboxes worked. Every nook and cranny had a purpose and by knowing that purpose, you can avoid stupid mistakes that become haunting. On our website, there is a written in-depth article on airsoft gearboxes that I highly recommend you to read. Doing so will certainly help you in the long run. So for step one, make sure you have the basic fundamentals to even start doing tech work.

Acquiring these fundamentals can be very easy. Guides to teching are found online. Even looking up a video on how to disassemble your gun can start you off well. Study how the airsoft tech dismantles your gun and pay attention to how he puts it back together. Things like this are how I got around to teching my ™ Hi-Capa. But generally, the best way to start is to establish a general idea of what airsoft tech really is.

Test Gun, Please Ignore

dudgun-hn frincon

Hands-on work is one of the best ways to learn. I was fortunate enough to have a hand me down airsoft gun from my cousins to experiment with. Taking it apart and seeing how the airsoft gearbox worked by spinning the gears really connected all the dots. Reading about how an airsoft gearbox works can only go so far, so having a test/experimental gun to tinker with, helps immensely. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a dud to work with. Literally being able to work without any consequences makes it so much more relaxing and easier to learn. If you can’t get a dead gun, you can always go to your local shop and see how they work with the guns. You can even bring in your gun for a tech service but ask if you can be there to watch. That being said, step two is to try and obtain a gun to work with.

P.S. My friend made the mistake of experimenting with his only gun to learn how to tech. The problem with this is that if anything goes wrong, you can’t play Airsoft anymore! So make sure your willing to take that risk if you decide to use your one and only gun.

Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve heard it here first! Haha, just kidding. But really, practice does make perfect. A common thing that airsoft technicians do to improve would be to take apart their guns and simply put it back again. A lot of players might think this is pointless but honestly, it's good practice and you could also incorporate adding upgraded parts. Step three to becoming an airsoft technician is practice. It might seem obvious but really, the more practice, the better you’ll get. In fact, one of the things that I hate most about airsoft teching is how punishing it can be if you forget a crucial part. It’ll make your headache and is an extreme inconvenience if you do not know whats wrong.

If you practiced on your own gun and you failed to identify the problems in putting it back together, you’ll have to bring it to a tech shop to bring it alive once more. Hence, the importance of a test gun becomes needed.

Airsoft Tech Upgrades

Things like shimming gears, air efficiency, trigger switching, etc. can wait. Do not overwhelm yourself with all this abundant knowledge. What's most important is to know your way around the airsoft gearbox and to be confident enough with your gun. Doing all these things at once when you open your gearbox can lead to an easy failure. Since you’ll be keeping tracking of a multitude of different things, you’ll most likely make an error that you’ll soon regret. So take it slow, it's not a race. We have time to worry about upgrades later!

Airsoft Tech Toolkit

hexkey-hn frincon

As an aspiring airsoft technician, you have to make sure you have the tools needed to accomplish your tasks. You also have to be prepared for inevitably bad circumstances. For that reason, I’ll be going over things that an airsoft technician keeps handy when things go wrong. Just remember that if you do mess anything up, the last resort will be to bring it to a local airsoft tech service shop. They’ll definitely be able to prepare your gun as they have probably dealt with worse. Anyway, let's begin with tools that everyone should at least have in their common household.

Hex Keys, Allen Keys or Allen Wrenches

jbweld-hn frincon

For some reason, manufacturers love using screws with hex slots in them probably because they are cheap to produce. What I hate most about this is that low-quality Allen screws are EXTREMELY easy to create stripped screws. Thus, causing an annoying problem to occur. So absolutely do not invest in an Allen key set where the metal is garbage. You need something that will fit exactly according to imperial and metric units along with high-quality stuff. The reason why I’m so adamant about getting good quality Allen keys is that I’ve experienced the headache of a stripped screw. Wherever you get the stripped screw can mean big trouble for your gun. It can either break into multiple parts or be impossible to take out. So from another person's trouble to another, invest well in the tools you choose.

P.S. If you do have a stripped screw, experts at Airsoft Pacific suggests that you super glue the Allen wrench to the stripped screw to leave overnight. What this does is that it allows for the glue to solidify together with the Allen wrench. Hopefully, the bond created will be strong and you’ll be able to twist the wrench along with the screw, removing it forever. You can also use various forms of superglue like JB-Weld, etc.

Screwdriver Set

screwdriverset-hn frincon

A screwdriver set should be versatile. It should have flatheads, crosses, etc. Just having one good quality set can have you set for a lifetime. The best ones that I’ve seen are magnetic and can really help you do tech work since some things are out of reach. But the most important thing I want you to take from this paragraph is the versatility of the set. As long as you can dismantle the gearbox and any screw you come across is vital. Things that improve quality of life like an extendable screwdriver can wait. Also, in terms of stripped screws, I’ve found that a flathead Phillips screw is least likely to strip. Probably because of the design of it or the simple ease of access but they are definitely reliable. Look to replace Allen key screws for better ones.

Soldering Kit

Having a soldering kit along with the metal can really help with the electrical work in airsoft electric guns. Some AEG’s have really good electrical responses with their trigger and because of that, it inspires others to upgrade their own. A Soldering kit would help you attach wires or improve a circuit on your gun. Sometimes, you’ll end up with a situation where the only fix is a solder. That being said, be careful with this tool as it has to lead to some pretty nasty injuries ever since its creation. Also, make sure to buy Soldering Wire that is healthy to be burned in your area. I know that some Lead Solders can particularly harmful if you breathe it in so make sure you're in a safe environment to do these activities.

Barrel Cleaning Rod

barrelrod-hn frincon

Cleaning is part of tech work and having a good barrel rod in arms reach is always good. Things like getting BB’s unstuck or reaching weird parts in your gun can be accessed using a rod. These rods usually come with your gun and have an opening at the top where you can attach a piece of cloth. Not much to say about this part but usually, the workbench will be a mess after you're done with your gun and some of that gunk might have gotten in your barrel. To make sure your gun is in perfect condition, give that barrel a clean to make sure.


This is one of the most important tools to have as an airsoft technician. Using your bare hands can be difficult since there's lots of grease and oils in a gearbox. These things hinder your ability to grip parts well and you might even end up dropping things. For things like trigger springs, you’ll also lose the ability for having a steady hand. A glove prevents all of this hassle and is easy to get. As long as you have any sort of work glove that you do not mind getting dirty, it’ll do. It’ll also protect you if you solder and you accidentally drop some molten piece of lead on your fingers. All in all, it's self-explanatory but something that is definitely a must-have.

Airsoft Mat

Having a mat or any sort of pad underneath your gun will help immensely. This is often always overlooked but having a specific one that has markings to help sort really helps. For example, Evike promotes the Umbrella Armory Tech Mat and uses it to put unscrewed screws in the slots. Keeping track of dismantled parts is just another thing to keep thinking about. By having a dedicated area to separate such parts, you’ll be able to use less mental resources on remembering and more on your tech.

Airsoft Grease

airsoftlube-hn frincon

So basically, every time an airsoft tech dismantles their gearbox, they will usually take steps to clean it as well. Thus, removing all the excess and unneeded grease from the gears so that they can do that themselves. Having gear grease is handy because you’ll be able to apply it to crucial parts yourself. It can also help seal certain parts of your airsoft gearbox if your manufacturer had slacked. These greases can be bought anywhere and don't even have to be airsoft grease specifically. Using some sort of lubricant without petroleum will most likely do the job and help you out. This means no WD-40!

P.S. I know that deciding which lubricant can be tricky to decide on so check out this guy suggested by the experts in Abbey Supply. After reading that informative post, I was able to decide on a lubricant that would not be harmful to my equipment.

Examples of Airsoft Tech Work

So there are a wide number of reasons on why you’d like to tech your gun. In this section, I’m just going to list a couple so that you get the gist of the idea. But by no reason is this a restraint. If what you are doing with your gun is not listed, it does not mean it isn’t tech work. The goal of this is to make sure you guys have a solid idea of what airsoft tech would be. Whether it be improving or repairing a gun, it's still something an airsoft technician would do.


shim-hn frincon

Shimming is using spaces so that your gears mesh with your gearbox perfectly. Doing so will allow your gears to spin perfectly, reducing the noise and increasing the efficiency of your gearbox. But in order to do this, you’ll need to open your airsoft gearbox up which will require knowledge and practice. Shimming is a technique that has been thoroughly recorded on youtube will a lot of in-depth guides. If you would like to attempt this tech, check out this guide by AOSC Airsoft. I’ve found that this video has been particularly helpful because the lighting really shows where the shims are being placed.

Correcting Angle Of Engagement

An Angle Of Engagement refers to how the sector gear meshes with the teeth beneath the piston. Since the piston moves back and forth, you’d want this movement to be as smooth as possible. That’s why airsoft technicians have worked to either remove/upgrade their pistons so that it’ll last longer and move smoothly. Normally, I’d watch a youtube video so that I can see how people do it visually but this particular article by SQairsoft really helped. In terms of airsoft technician skill, I would put this on an intermediate side as it requires extensive knowledge of how the airsoft gearbox works.

Improving Trigger Response

trigger-hn frincon

So by getting a better battery, you can already increase your Trigger Response. But some people take it further and take higher ratio gears, a different motor, etc. Doing this requires knowing how the airsoft trigger works in the airsoft gearbox. I wouldn’t really touch this since it's not really mandatory and is mostly a quality of life upgrade.

Airsoft Tactics

I wanted to write this section because I always see so many people that do not take advantage of certain tactics. These tactics can be seen in movies and are used even in real military engagements so you know they’ll be effective. But what's more important is communication. Communication within the squad is key and giving information to your team will ultimately be what helps you win.

Suppressive Fire

So many people that are new are strangely hesitant about shooting many BB’s. I don’t know if this is just a norm in my field but it would appear that people either save their ammo or only shoot when they can kill. This is airsoft, so you should take advantage by shooting into specific angles that might score a kill. That being said, suppressive fire is exactly what it is named. You suppress your enemy by firing BB’s at the same time your moving up. This will not only force your opponent to not peak you but allow you to move up. Thus, furthering your position and allowing your teammates from behind to follow.


Going behind the enemy in some way will definitely result in a major upset. This is used in so many ways which make it something that you should also be aware of. Obviously one of the most common ones but flanking is when you catch the enemy off guard either through positioning or coming behind them. By telling your squad to focus on a particular area of the map, you can clear it faster and then wrap around the other side. This can be so effective that once the flank has been completed, the game can be stopped due to the fact that the field is now in complete control of the other team.


verticalgripflashlight-hn frincon

Not really a ‘tactic’ but having a strobe flashlight or even just a flashlight can help. Blinding your enemies is a completely fair and viable strategy that you can use to your advantage. You can also strap down a flashlight down a hallway and your enemies will think that you are holding that angle. It's all mind games here but it can also help you in active firefights. I can’t remember the number of times where I missed my target completely because I could not make out my target due to his flash. Equipping your gun with a flashlight will be easy. Some can even be mounted on your rails or even be apart of your vertical grip.


Another form of strategy that isn’t really a tactic. It does deserve an honorable mention, however, because of its incredible usefulness on the battlefield. So many players neglect this and go solo for the entire game. Things like calling out your opponents location can be so crucial to victory that I cannot fathom why people would not do it. For this reason, I beg that whoever reads this, is a player who tries to communicate. Its appreciated and can even help you make friends with other players on the field. I’ve gotten to know my best pals by working together with a squad and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Anyway, the message I was trying to get across is that you should communicate. Communication is key and will certainly win you games.

P.S. You can supplement your communication with walkie talkies, radios, etc. Hell, one of my mates was in an active call with one another so that they could talk.

Airsoft Tactics + Tech Final Thoughts

In Conclusion to Beginners Guide Part 3, I just want to reiterate the goal of this section. It was to inform a new player on how to begin teching and what tools are needed for common tech work. In the future, you might have the opportunity to help a friend or even help a poor fellow on the field. Doing so, will probably make that persons day and allow Airsoft to grow even more. Airsoft is a community sport based off of trust. This means that tactics like Communication is embedded and might even be expected at some fields. Don’t be afraid to talk to others and if you see someone down in the dumps, see if your expertise in Airsoft Teching can help! All in all, I hope this section has helped increase or solidify a foundation for you to build upon. The next part will include fun game modes and tips to improve your game.

Up Your Game & Different Game Types

Looking to improve is the first step to getting better. In fact, actively seeking out different types of strategy can only lead to improvement. That being said, I commend whoever has been able to read this far down through this Airsoft Beginners Guide. In this section, we’ll be covering tips on how to up your game, future game modes to prepare for, and important equipment that will up your game. There are many things that are slept on and often, not taken advantage of. Within this article, you’ll begin to understand how many things Airsofters take for granted. Once you realize this, I’m sure that your improvement will come faster than you can imagine.

Airsoft Tips for Beginners

To get better at something, you’ll have to consistently practice. That’s a given but you have to make sure you don’t practice the wrong stuff. In many cases, bad habits can be formed and can actually deter you from improving. You want to know that what you are doing is correct so much so that you are at least improving after every game. Everything you do can be optimized and made more efficient. Every decision you make can be better as well as its execution. So with this in mind, here are some Airsoft Tips for Beginners.


Controlling your breathing is a great way to control your stamina. It allows your body to reduce stress, increase its alertness along with relaxing yourself. This is often overlooked and during many situations, might add on to the chaos in doing so. What I’ve done to apply this, is to take a quick step back, evaluate the game situation so that I can plan the next best move. I’ve found that with such an adrenaline-inducing sport, taking a quick breather helps more often than not. Check out this study by NYTimes about controlled breathing and the benefits of it.


fps-game frincon

As a gaming fanatic, playing many shooters has helped me developed a better sense of the sport. Knowing when to push and to take advantage of an enemy's reload has come from stupid experiences online. With fps games, you’ll realize what you can’t do and what you can do which will allow you to apply that in Airsoft. For good advice, try playing some of these games and testing the limits of your character. By running through these simulations constantly, you’ll subconsciously be learning and have better game sense guaranteed.


I’ve talked about this before but this is just so key to improving. Squading up or finding a group of people to play with can help immensely. Trust is an important key to winning team-based games and with more angles being covered, you’ll find yourself dying less. So not only will you be building a closer bond with your friends, but you’ll be improving immensely. If you don’t have a squad, calling out to your teammates and taking leadership in hectic situations will help you advance the game state. You can also ask strangers to cover you while you push up. All in all, don’t overlook communication and apply it in your game.

Ten Tips for Airsoft Battles

Airsoft is a sport where maneuvering effectively can prove to be extremely vital. At times, you’ll wish that you’ve ran earlier or stopped earlier, etc. Hesitating in games where 1 shot is fatal makes Airsoft extremely punishing for new players. For that reason, here are some tips that will help you out when you're on the battlefield.

Kneepads And Elbow Pads

kneepad-hn frincon

This is probably the equipment that you will be most thankful for aside from your mask protection. Kneepads literally enable the crouch option in real life Airsoft. Kneeling is painful because of all the BBs scattered on the ground making it near impossible for someone without knee pads to do so. This also applies when you want to go prone. If you want to crawl, good luck doing that without an elbow pad. For this reason, you’ll want to be able to maneuver like this when the situation requires you to do so. So invest in some kneepads and elbow pads, you’ll won't regret it and it’ll soon become a staple in your equipment set up.

Gun Attachments

attachments-hn frincon

Turn your gun into a laser by buying a scope. Get a better grip of your gun by adding a vertical stub. Gun attachments can be overlooked due to the expenses of them but they are surely worth the price. By eliminating factors that interfere with gameplay, you’ll be able to focus your attention somewhere else. For example, by having your scope zero your shot for you, you can focus your thoughts on your next move rather than the shot itself. This allows you to use your mental resources more optimally and you might feel more energetic in the long run! Consider things like a flashlight with high amounts of lumen. Something that can blind your enemies will surely prove advantageous in gunfights. You’ll usually see the power of flashlights in your first Airsoft game because it is unlikely that you’ll have one and likely that you’ll be playing against one.

Learn How to Peek

This is the most important thing to do when trying to get an angle on your opponent. Learning how to hold your gun right as well as keeping your body covered can be one of the hardest things to do in this sport. The way you expose yourself to the enemy should always be at a minimum while giving yourself a good area to shoot. Try to tuck your elbows in and learn how to use both arms to hold a gun. It might feel awkward at first using your non-dominant hand but in situations where you’ll be forced to peek, you’ll want to do it properly.

For this reason alone, I felt it appropriate to conduct additional research and find a video that you can use to study. This video is great and all credits go towards WeaversASReviews. He goes over how to peek a corner and techniques such as this will always be something good to know.


airsoftgrenade-hn (1) frincon

Grenades are overpowered. The fact that they allow you to clear an area while simultaneously being in the safety of cover allows you to push up on the map. I highly recommend that you invest in a reusable grenade because being able to use a reusable grenade will be financially better in the long run. Tossing a grenade and coordinating with your team is one of the most game-changing actions a squad can do. Bum-rushing your enemy while tossing a dud will also confuse your enemy and there are many ways to get creative with a grenade. Likewise, make sure you get a grenade that explodes on impact rather than one that is timed. In Airsoft, since one hit means death, having a ticking grenade gives time for your opponent to react which is something you don’t want to give.

Be Low to The Ground

Noone expects this and it is a tactic that catches many players off guard. If you are prone on the ground, shooting a person's leg as they cross the corner can certainly net you a free kill. Most players when clearing rooms, aim at chest level. You can also crouch but I find that proning to the ground makes it incredibly difficult for your opponents to adjust especially if two or more players are breaching a room. So all in all, be aware of people that use this tactic and don’t be afraid to use it as well.

Play Smart And Aggressively

airsoft-on-the-ground frincon

You want to take advantage of your opponent's misplay and capitalize as much as you can off of them. Being passive and being afraid of getting shot will only lead to longer games and less fun. Be the one that moves out and changes the game. Be the person that takes advantage of weak points for flanks. Your team will thank you for this and always keep moving. If your team is afraid to push up, you’ll have to be the one that takes charge. Many times, in pick up games, there will be new players that are scared or don’t know when to push. By taking charge of the situation, you’ll be able to mend your teammates to your playstyle, allowing for a more coordinated attack on the enemy team.

Keep Track of Your Body

It might seem weird saying this but in the heat of the moment, you’ll want to keep track of where you are and every single limb. I’ve seen teammates shot because they don't realize they are sticking out their elbow or leg when concentrating for a shot. By being aware of your body, it’ll help you minimize your hitbox making you harder to kill and an annoyance to deal with. Don’t be afraid to call out your teammates when they have an odd leg out. This will most likely save their life and instead of being down a person, you’ll also help your teammates improve!

Don’t be Afraid to Die

Literally. Don’t be afraid to die. Being shot might sting for a little bit but that's when you sprint back and come again. Many times, a game will be at a stalemate because both teams are too scared to push up and make plays. By being the person that opens up the map, you’ll hasten the game state making it a lot more action-packed and enjoyable for others. This is a personal opinion, but I think Airsoft is most fun when you are playing aggressively. Getting kills and breaching rooms is incredibly fun which gives off a nice boost of adrenaline when you are at the moment. Using your respawns and testing your limits will ultimately be how a new player in Airsoft improves. Use it to your advantage and don’t be afraid to die!

Mask Fog

mask-hn frincon

The worst enemy of Airsofters. It’s also dangerous because careless Airsofters take off their goggles to quickly wipe it down before putting it back down. Doing this leaves you vulnerable and exposes your eyes which is incredibly unsafe. When fog builds up, so does your field of view which is something you want to maximize whenever possible. Invest in fog wipes or goggles that have good airflow. By ridding this problem before it even happens, it’ll allow you to have a better visual of what's in front of you.

Choose your weapon

sniper-hn-1 frincon

Never start off with a sniper rifle as your first purchase. Unless you're an experienced player, you should seek out a weapon that suits out your playstyle. Download yourself and see what you like to do. Do you usually shoot from afar or do you like to maneuver around the map fighting players in close quarters combat? Likewise, make sure you have equipment suited and optimized just for you.

Game Modes

There are many Game Modes in Airsoft to be prepared for. For that reason, you don’t want to be fiddling around with your gun in the briefing room. You want to make sure that you have everything prepared for the Game Mode you are entering. You also want to be equipped for that particular Game Mode so you're not at any particular disadvantage. In this section of the article, I’ll be going through some common Game Modes so that you’ll be able to equip yourself appropriately! In Airsoft, things can get pretty wild and creative so be prepared for the unexpected.

Night/Dark Modes

night-and-dark-modes frincon

One of the most common modes in Airsoft. So much so, that fields hosting this mode often put it on their calendars to let people know that it is happening. In this mode, you’ll find that the entire map becomes shrouded in darkness with some objective in mind. Stealth becomes key and the mode is extremely exhilarating because it’ll be dead silent. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure you at least have a flashlight for this mode. A flashlight is your enabler and will let you see temporarily along with blinding your enemies. Not only this but getting a Tracer Unit coupled with Tracer BBs will help immensely. Seeing how your BBs ricochet across the map will give you vital information that you can use to relay to your team. Information is key especially when the map is completely dark and quiet.

Capture the Flag

Another common Game Mode that you’ll surely be playing in your field. It is extremely fast-paced and requires a good strategy to win. You’ll want to wear gear that will allow you to move freely as well as grenades. Grenades will help you open the map so that your team can push through. In a movement heavy game where you’ll need to get a good position, clearing rooms with a grenade will prove to be extremely useful. For this reason, try obtaining more than three grenades for this mode!


In the previous modes, it was recommended that you bring a grenade. In this case, I don’t think you should. The hostage can be found in any room that defenders want. This makes throwing a grenade risky so we’ll have to find alternative ways of breaching. Bringing a thunder-b or a flashbang device of sort, will be our replacement for this type of mode. However, make sure your throwable device is legal within field limits. After all, You don’t want to throw something that could hurt someone. Another good attachment you can use is a dud grenade. Throwing it can make enemies panic which can help provide information that there could be hostile activity in the room.

Bomb (Search And Destroy)

Last but not least, you’ll find one of the most popular game types known to shooter-type games. Search and Destroy is when you have attackers trying to a plant a bomb while simultaneously having defenders actively trying to stop it. In this game mode, I recommend you bring as many grenades as you can because as a defender, you can simply toss a grenade on the bomb-site you are defending. Another weapon you can use is a claymore. Planting one on the entry of the bomb site can catch an enemy off guard. This will not only eliminate the enemies breaching but it’ll also alert your team that the bomb site is under attack.

Improve Your Game Final Thoughts

In conclusion of this Airsoft Beginners Guide Part four, know that improvement is something that comes from within. If you put in the effort to get better, you’ll surely achieve that. One thing I cannot stress enough is courage. As said before, a tip is to become a better player is to not be afraid of death. In Airsoft, you respawn so you have the leeway of making mistakes. Use this to your advantage and make every death a learning opportunity.

Going Over It Again

By the time you read this part of the article, I hope that I helped in some way in solidifying your foundation revolving around Airsoft. Airsoft can be complicated but it can also be simple. Think of Airsoft like chess, it can be easy to learn and fun to play but there are different layers of depth that you can dwell in. However, don’t burn yourself out. In my opinion, Airsoft becomes more fun as you take it at a slower pace, enjoying each step along the way. So for this part of the guide, let's reiterate our goals, my objective, and some important tips.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport that revolves around shooting the opposing team using BB guns. These BB guns mimic real-life firearms and are the cornerstone of this game. This sport is a safe way to experience firefights and to also practice for real ones(Police Force Training). Airsoft is great for exercise and it is amazing as for building a team. It isn’t uncommon for a company to apply for team-building exercises which almost guarantees that the squad becomes more familiar with one another.

What I like about Airsoft are the many creative modes that come with the game. It makes every experience different and each simulation more fresh. It keeps the game from being boring and this is potentially what you could be looking for in a hobby. Along with the amount of depth that goes into every bit including self-customization, Airsoft is a sport that looks to really personalize itself with the player. Every frag that you get is impactful and you might never find two Airsoft players that look exactly alike. Gear is made for the player but it's up to the player to select that gear. This makes players feel more unique and even greater when the strategy of the game starts to orient itself around you. So if you're still unsure about trying Airsoft out, please do me a favor and do so!

Airsoft Safety

Since we are dealing with flying projectiles that can take an eye out, Airsoft safety becomes an incredibly serious thing. It is so incredibly important to know how to be safe but thankfully, it is also incredibly easy. Your local field will also stress the importance of safety just because no one wants to get hurt. Summarizing this is probably bad but if you were to choose one thing to keep yourself safe, it’d be your eyes in Airsoft. Make sure you have ballistics rated goggles that can withstand multiple hits. This ensures that your eyes stay untouched which is the primary goal you want to keep accomplished.

Secondly, make sure your goggles stay on at all costs. The only place you should take them off is when you leave the battlefield. Satisfying that itch on your eye isn’t worth it to lose it. It's also not worth risking an eye over foggy goggles. Another thing that I want to bring to your attention is ear protection. Normally, masks don’t reach or cover the ear but I personally find that ear shots hurt a lot. Hence, see if you can opt-in with some protective muffs as you wouldn’t want to have annoying ear pain either. Last but not least, if you have a question that isn’t covered and you’d like the answer to it, find a local game ref and ask. It never hurts to inquire and the worst thing that can happen is a polite no. If it's about safety, the local game ref will do whatever it takes to clarify any misunderstandings you might have. With all this out of the way, following the rules and generally being a nice person will ensure that you have a great time. Remember that you are all here for the same purpose. To have fun!

Your Airsoft Setup

One of my most beloved aspects of this game is equipping myself with gear. Making yourself look cool and attaching gadgets that you work best with can be extremely fun! If you go to your local airsoft shop and look around, ask if you can hold the weapons. Getting the feel of a specific weapon along with its attractive model makes Airsoft so much more personal. That being said, gear is extremely important. You want your gear to be optimized, efficient and of course, fashionable.

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