Top DIY Airsoft Mods

Get Creative! Top DIY Airsoft Mods [Modifications]

Have you ever had a free afternoon with nothing particularly interesting to do? Do you want to upgrade your airsoft gun but can’t afford much more than pocket change to spare? In that case, you’re lucky you’re reading this article, because there are a number of easy mods for AEGs that don’t take much more … Read more

Learn Something New! Guide to Air-Smithing [It’s Easy]

The best learning experience I ever had in airsoft was when I disassembled (and eventually reassembled) my first rifle, and got hands-on in learning what each part does, where it goes, and how the whole system could be upgraded to perform better. Chances are if you’re a novice or intermediate level player like I was, … Read more

Guide to Airsoft FPS

Firepower! Guide to Airsoft FPS [Test Your Limits]

Players, especially new ones, often are all about getting the gun that slings BBs at the highest Feet Per Second possible. However, all the FPS in the world won’t do you any good if your field won’t let you run your gun because it shoots too hot. There are a few factors in play that … Read more

Airsoft History

The More You Know! Airsoft History [Learn]

Warfare is simultaneously the most thrilling and the most terrifying experience known to humans, so naturally, ever since the invention of weapons we’ve typically tried to come up with a non-fatal ways of simulating battle. This worked pretty well for a while – dull blades and long sticks replicating the real things well enough – … Read more

Types of Airsoft Magazines

What’s Different? Types of Airsoft Magazines [Choices!]

In an airsoft game, have you ever felt that you just weren’t carrying enough ammunition to last the round against your opponents? Or have you had the opposite problem, where airsoft felt too unrealistic because you could shoot hundreds of rounds without reloading? Or, has an airsoft rifle ever unexpectedly jammed on you? If any … Read more

Guide to Airsoft LiPo Batteries

Charge it Up! Guide to Airsoft Lipo Batteries [Information]

You’ve probably wondered why the majority of the airsoft community is switching over from NiMH style batteries to LiPos. In fact, many guns these days, are branded with the term LiPo-Ready. With new technology being introduced to the sport, a good way to gain an advantage is to stay knowledgeable about the newest trends. Most … Read more

Using Camouflage for Airsoft

Draft – Quick Tips: Using Camouflage for Airsoft (1)

If you’ve played for more than a few weeks of airsoft, you’ve almost certainly seen some camouflage on the field. Maybe you thought it looked impressive, or maybe you thought the folks wearing it was a little nerdy to be pretending they were soldiers. Either way, camouflage is much more effective when used skillfully, and … Read more

Draft – Q&A: Airsoft on a Budget (3)

In this article, we’ll be answering the infamous ‘budget’ question that almost everyone thinks of when entering a sport like Airsoft. Beginners are scared of the intimidating price point that is revealed on Airsoft displays and also afraid of making a bad purchase. Hence, people start to get mixed feelings about how financially destructive this … Read more

Common Guidelines! Airsoft Safety [Equipment Suggestions]

Airsoft could be worrying for parents and guardians as their children start to dwell on the hobby. They might think it would hurt too much or that their children’s well-being is at risk. The intimidating appearance of the sport can draw parents away or leave a bad taste in their mouth. This is why it … Read more