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PALS vs MOLLE vs Alice.. What’s the Difference? [Airsoft Gear]

If you’re looking to build an airsoft loadout, you may be seeing a lot of unexplained acronyms like PALS, MOLLE, and ALICE. It’s easy to see how the subject could be pretty confusing, especially if this is your first exposure to load-carrying gear! With any luck, this article should clear up any confusion about the … Read more

The Molle System

The MOLLE System: What is it? How Does it Work?

Even if you haven’t heard the acronym MOLLE before, chances are you’ve seen it at most airsoft games, or in photos of pretty much anything tactical: rows of horizontal nylon webbing sewn onto pretty much any free surface, from body armor to backpacks, and used to attach all kinds of gear and pouches. For someone … Read more

What You Need...5 G&P Airsoft [Quality]

What You Need…5 G&P Airsoft [Quality]

There are a ton of airsoft brands out there, making it hard to choose the best one to meet your needs. That's why most airsofters look for a brand that makes quality products, building up their reputation in the airsoft world in the process. The G&P brand meets these qualifications, earning the respect of their … Read more

Easy on the Wallet...5 Cyma Airsoft [Great Quality]

Easy on the Wallet…5 Cyma Airsoft [Great Quality]

Airsoft guns have been around for decades, with a ton of different brands to choose from. Of course, if you're just starting out or don't want to spend too much on a part-time hobby, Cyma is a great brand to start with. Their airsoft products are decently priced without sacrificing quality. If you're curious about … Read more

Airsoft Innovation...5 ICS Airsoft [high performance]

Airsoft Innovation…5 ICS Airsoft [high performance]

ICS Airsoft believes in constantly creating innovative products that push the boundaries without sacrificing quality. They offer mid- to high-end AEGs and pistols that are built well with high performance while still maintaining a low cost. If you're considering an upgrade to your old airsoft gun, here's what ICS Airsoft has to offer. Short On … Read more

OG Airsoft... 5 Tokyo Marui Airsoft [Lots of Options]

OG Airsoft… 5 Tokyo Marui Airsoft [Lots of Options]

There are a lot of great airsoft brands out there, so it can be hard to choose the right one. Of course, if you're looking for high-quality and accurate replicas, you can't go wrong with Tokyo Marui airsoft guns. This brand has been around for decades, designing great products and innovative features that stand out … Read more

Listen Up! 3 Best Tactical Throat Mics 2020 [Strategize]

Listen Up! 3 Best Tactical Throat Mics 2020 [Strategize]

An airsoft game can be quite intense, with the members of your team spread out all over the field. If you need to communicate, you can’t just yell out instructions or the enemy will know your position and the maneuvers you’re planning. A handheld walkie talkie lets you communicate across the field but also takes … Read more

Cover Up! 6 Best Airsoft Masks 2020 [Fan, Mesh, Glasses?]

Cover Up! 6 Best Airsoft Masks 2020 [Fan, Mesh, Glasses?]

Whether your airsoft games are in your backyard or at a local airsoft field, you need to take precautions to be sure no one is injured. This means using the proper gear, including the best airsoft mask. These give you the protection you need to prevent any serious facial injuries. If you're in the market … Read more

Glove Up! 5 Best Tactical Airsoft Gloves 2020 [Hand Protection]

Glove Up! 5 Best Tactical Airsoft Gloves 2020 [Hand Protection]

Have you ever finished up an airsoft game with a split knuckle from an unlucky BB hit? Or maybe your fingers have gotten so cold during a winter game that you can barely pull the trigger anymore? Although they often get overlooked in favor of other gear like helmets or chest rigs, gloves can be … Read more

Hit Your Mark! 5 Best Airsoft Tracer Units 2020 [Let it Glow]

Hit Your Mark! 5 Best Airsoft Tracer Units 2020 [Let it Glow]

Have you ever been on an airsoft field at night and seen glowing BBs flying around you? If so, you may be wondering what exactly those other airsofters are using to create this effect. These pieces are called airsoft tracer units, which are becoming quite popular in the airsoft world. They are easy to attach … Read more