Greatest Gen. 5 WW2 Airsoft Guns 2019 [Classy Style]

Greatest Gen. 5 WW2 Airsoft Guns 2019 [Classy Style]

Most airsoft guns aren't particularly historical. They replicate arms and armaments from the last twenty to thirty years, from the M4A1 carbine to the Kriss Vector SMG. With all this focus on the modern-day tactical, it's tempting to want to escape the status quo of quad rails and red dot sights, and go back to … Read more

Boom Stick! 4 Best Airsoft Shotgun 2019 [Clear The Room]

Boom Stick! 4 Best Airsoft Shotgun 2019 [Clear The Room]

Have you gotten a bit bored with electric airsoft rifles lately? It's not unusual- no matter how fast or hard they can shoot or how much they've been modified, they still sound like rapid-fire kitchen appliances and having to charge batteries before every game can be a hassle. If you want an alternative airsoft gun, … Read more

Top DIY Airsoft Mods

Get Creative! Top DIY Airsoft Mods [Modifications]

Have you ever had a free afternoon with nothing particularly interesting to do? Do you want to upgrade your airsoft gun but can’t afford much more than pocket change to spare? In that case, you’re lucky you’re reading this article, because there are a number of easy mods for AEGs that don’t take much more … Read more

Learn Something New! Guide to Air-Smithing [It’s Easy]

The best learning experience I ever had in airsoft was when I disassembled (and eventually reassembled) my first rifle, and got hands-on in learning what each part does, where it goes, and how the whole system could be upgraded to perform better. Chances are if you’re a novice or intermediate level player like I was, … Read more

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Sight Line! 7 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles 2019 [Bulls-eye]

“One shot, one kill,” is the unofficial motto of military snipers in popular culture; there’s something glamorous about these warriors with patience, skill, and an uncanny ability to place a shot accurately on target from hundreds of yards away. In airsoft, sniping is almost entirely different from its real-world counterpart, but it still requires a … Read more

Types of Airsoft Magazines

What’s Different? Types of Airsoft Magazines [Choices!]

In an airsoft game, have you ever felt that you just weren’t carrying enough ammunition to last the round against your opponents? Or have you had the opposite problem, where airsoft felt too unrealistic because you could shoot hundreds of rounds without reloading? Or, has an airsoft rifle ever unexpectedly jammed on you? If any … Read more

Boom! How do Airsoft Grenades Work? [How to Use Them]

Do you want to add some additional realism and depth to your next airsoft game? Well, one of the of the best qualities of airsoft, compared to hobbies like paintball or laser tag, is that for nearly any piece of real-world weaponry out there, there’s also an airsoft equivalent. This is no less true when … Read more

This or That? Airsoft vs. BBSs [Know the Difference]

Are you just getting into airsoft? Or, are you looking to get an airsoft gun as a present for someone? If either’s the case, you might end up wondering what the difference really is between what we call an “airsoft gun” and what we call a “BB gun”. Make sense, really, since they both shoot … Read more