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Listen Up! 3 Best Tactical Throat Mics 2020 [Strategize]

An airsoft game can be quite intense, with the members of your team spread out all over the field. If you need to communicate, you can’t just yell out instructions or the enemy will know your position and the maneuvers you’re planning. A handheld walkie talkie lets you communicate across the field but also takes one hand off your gun. So, what’s the solution? A lot of airsofters are choosing a tactical throat mic for their airsoft games. These let you talk to your team during the entire game while keeping your hands on your airsoft gun where they belong.

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How Do Throat Mics Work?

Throat mics are hands-free communication devices that allow you to talk to the other members of your airsoft team during games. Most of these throat mics wrap around your neck, with two sensors, called transducers, that press against the sides of your larynx. As you speak, the sensors convert the vibrations created in your larynx from speech to an electrical signal, which is then transmitted from the throat mic to a connected radio. The radio then transmits to the radios of your teammates, so they can hear.

The design of the throat mic is much more convenient than the traditional boom mic, which is a microphone attached to an adjustable arm. The boom mics pick up vibrations of the air as you speak to encode the signal. Though these also offer great sound quality, they are hard to use with masks, plus other sounds in the area can be picked up, like the wind or others shouting nearby.

Why Get a Throat Mic?

throat mic frincon

Throat mics are the most common communication choice for those working in extreme environments, such as military flight, special operations, and even some emergency service applications. This is because these devices can be used along with a respirator or particulate mask without hindering their use.

When it comes to airsoft, the throat mic has several advantages over other types of communication devices. First of all, you can’t control the weather when you’re out on the airsoft field. If it’s windy, a traditional mic will pick it up, reducing the sound quality. A throat mic doesn’t have this problem since it sits right up against your voice box.

Many airsoft fields require the use of some sort of safety mask, which a throat mic won’t interfere with since it sits below the mask instead of near your mouth. This also allows you to wear a scarf or a balaclava during the colder months.

Another benefit of a tactical throat mic is that they aren’t nearly as vulnerable to impact or BBs as a traditional boom mic would be due to their positioning on your throat.

Of course, there are a couple of disadvantages to throat mics. These devices, especially the models that offer high-end sound transmission, can be extremely expensive, costing several hundred dollars. Those on a budget can get a cheaper throat mic but they will be sacrificing quality to save money. The less expensive devices are more fragile, with less weather-resistance, and have poor sound quality, so it may be better to save up and get yourself a high-end model.

Best Airsoft Throat Mics on the Market

Best Budget Throat Mic:

Retivis Throat Mic Headset

Retevis Adjustable Throat Mic Walkie Talkie Earpiece with Mic, Earpiece with Finger PTT, Compatible with Retevis RT22 RT21 H-777 RT68 RT19 Walkie Talkies, Acoustic Tube Two Way Radio Headset(1 Pack)

The Retivis Throat Mic Headset is manufactured by a knockoff brand in China but is still a decent device to use in your airsoft games. Its low price makes it a great option for those who can’t afford the high-end throat mics, though the sound quality isn’t the greatest. The Retivis is still functional, though, making it a great starter headset.

This device uses Kenwood two-pin plugs, which are compatible with several of the radios on the market, including the Baofeng UV-5R. There is a long PU cable connecting the plug to the neckpiece, giving you plenty of room to move and turn during a game.

The throat mic is flexible and adjustable, so you can fit it tight to your neck without being uncomfortable. The ear speaker is mounted on the neck, with an acoustic cord that routes it to your ear. Though favored due to its light weight, it only gives you mediocre sound transmission.

A handy feature of this headset is the finger push-to-talk, or PTT, button. One soft touch of this button allows you to communicate with your teammates on the airsoft field, so you don’t have to take your hand off your gun.


  • Low price
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable


  • Poor sound quality
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Best Mid-Grade Throat Mic:

Tenq Military Grade Tactical Throat Mic Headset

Tenq Military Grade Tactical Throat Mic Headset/earpiece with Big Finger PTT for Baofeng Radios Walkie Talkie 2 Pin Jack

Though it claims to use military-grade parts, this headset isn’t exactly a military-grade product. The Tenq throat mic headset is another device made by a Chinese knockoff brand, so it isn’t the highest quality device out there. It’s all right for airsofters, though, plus has a decent price to help you stay within your budget.

The neckpiece is fully adjustable to give you the most comfortable fit possible while setting the sensors properly on your larynx to give you the best voice transmission. There is a long, thick cable connecting the neck piece to the Kenwood two-pin plug, which you can use with a wide variety of radios, like the Baofeng UV-5R.

There are two PTT options to use with this headset, one for your finger and one for your shoulder. These attach to the plug using the included adapter. On the neck, you’ll find the ear speaker, which is routed to your ear with an acoustic cord. This piece is lightweight and comfortable, though offers low-quality sound transmission. An extra earbud is included for added convenience.


  • Two PTT options
  • Decent price
  • Includes spare earbud


  • Mediocre sound transmission
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Best High-End Throat Mic:

3M Peltor MT9HTM06

3M Peltor MT9HTM06 MT Throat Microphone and Earpiece Combination

If you’re looking for a high-quality throat mic, the 3M Peltor MT9HTM06 is a great choice. This brand is reliable, using decent hardware for their products. That’s why their models are used by pararescue forces or during civilian search and rescue missions.

Unlike some other throat mics, this one uses a single transducer design. This is a bit more comfortable than the two-transducer setups, plus gives you great sound quality. The neck strap is adjustable and comfortable, with an easy to use buckle snap at the back.

The headphone speaker is positioned right on your ear, with high sound quality. The earpiece is adjustable, fitting a variety of ear sizes. There is a low-profile cord as well, which is perfect for use with a mask during an airsoft game.

This throat mic and earpiece combo lacks the PTT device that you’ll find with other models. You can purchase these separately, as well as a NATO-wired adapter, though this will add to the already high cost of the device.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable design
  • Low-profile cord


  • Very expensive
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Best Tactical Throat Mics Final Thoughts

Keeping in contact with the other members of your team on the airsoft field is a must, so you can adjust your maneuvers as needed to help defeat the opposing team and win your games. Having the best tactical throat mic can help, allowing you to communicate while keeping your hands free at all times. These also work with masks, so you don’t need to sacrifice safety to stay in touch.

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