Know Your Stuff! Elite Force Airsoft [Top Equipment]

Airsofters who have gone beyond the beginner stage may want to upgrade to products with a bit more attention to detail. Luckily, Elite Force is one of the brands that offer premium quality products for all levels of experience. If you're looking to up your game with some Elite Force airsoft guns and ammo, read on.

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Elite Force Origins

Umarex GmbH originated in Germany, primarily focusing on blank-firing pistols. Non-toy target air rifles and pistols soon followed but it wasn't until the early 2000s that this company branched out into the world of airsoft. A few years later, the Elite Force line came into production, becoming a premium-level brand most airsofters have come to love.

Types of Elite Force Airsoft Guns

Elite Force has a few different types of airsoft products available, including a few sub-brands worth noting.

Elite Force Rifle frincon

Elite Force

The main Elite Force line is full of hobby-grade products that offer the bare minimum for most types of competitive play. These products include the older designs made around 2010. Though they are still sold in select department stores, this line is slowly being phased out for newer models.

Umarex Elite Line

These products are similar to the ones sold under the Elite Force brand name, though they have been upgraded to mid- and high-level products. They may be sold under the Umarex Elite line or the Elite Force Line, depending on where you're shopping.

Elite Force Legends

Also known as Umarex Legends, this line is the one that is currently active in production. These focus on historic firearm replicas, mainly designed in WWII and American Old West styles. You do need to watch what you're buying when shopping in this line, though, as both non-toy air guns and airsoft guns are available with this label.

Elite Force BBs

The Elite Force BBs are highly regarded among airsofters, due to their great quality. These are packaged in a signature bottle and are easy to find for added convenience.


Elite Force Tag frincon

Since the Elite Force brand has Umarex as its parent company, they have access to a wide variety of real-world firearm licenses. This includes licenses for all of the Beretta, Glock, and H&K airsoft replicas. This allows both Elite Force and Umarex to create and sell these types of products.

Of course, there are some other brands out there that manufacturer similar replicas at a lower cost without the licensing, though the quality may not be up to the standards the Elite Force brand has to offer.


When it comes to the airsoft market, Elite Force doesn't actually make its own products. Instead, this brand is made for Umarex by another established manufacturer of airsoft guns using a license Umarex has acquired. Some of the firms that have partnered with Elite Force include Vega Force Company (VFC), S&T, and even ARES on occasion.

Some customers have taken advantage of this outside manufacturing, purchasing their airsoft guns directly from the manufacturer instead of from the brand. This saves them a bit of money, especially when buying from S&T.

VFC has the added bonus of offering other guns similar to the Elite Force brand, though without the licensing they do lack some of the features found on Elite Force models, including the H&K airsoft guns. These are also a bit harder to find in the United States.

The exception to this is the Elite Force Legends airsoft line, which Elite Force contract manufactures. Their H8R and 1911 pistols also fall under this category.

Where to Buy Elite Force Airsoft Guns

Most of the Elite Force airsoft guns on the market need to be purchased from a specialty retailer. This includes local airsoft and paintball stores or you can go online to airsoft retailers like Evike, Airsoft Station, or Airsoft GI. There are also the more generalized sites like Amazon or eBay, which some people prefer to get those models they can't find anywhere else.

Top Elite Force Products

Best Elite Force Semi-Automatic Airsoft Pistol:

Elite Force 1911 Tac

Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun

The Elite Force 1911 Tac is a great airsoft gun for beginners for a few reasons. First of all, this full metal pistol is durable and simple to use, even for those picking up an airsoft gun for the first time. The blowback is a bit strong, but still easy to manage. There are even a few color options to choose from.

The 1911 uses proprietary C02 magazines with a standard 12g CO2 cartridge, which should be easy to find in almost any sporting goods store in your area. It has a high FPS, which is fine for target practice at home, though some modifications may be required for field use. This model also isn't really parts compatible with other 1911 airsoft pistols, so upgrades aren't really an option.


  • Great beginner gun
  • Nice build quality
  • Accurate shooting


  • Minimal parts compatibility with other airsoft 1911 pistol
  • High FPS for field use
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Best Elite Force Revolver:

Elite Force H8R Gen 2

Elite Force H8R Gen2 Revolver 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, H8R Gen2 Airsoft Gun

The Elite Force H8R has a great low price that will appeal to beginners but also includes some great features that will attract veteran airsofters as well. Though its construction is mostly plastic with some metal parts thrown in, it is still a solid, durable airsoft gun. Because of the revolver design, it has no blowback to speak of, so you can fire it in double action.

The Gen 2 comes with a few upgrades from the previous version. This includes the green night sights and the hop up system, which is adjustable to give you even more range. Unlike some other revolvers that use individual shells to hold the BBs, this one includes 5 discs that each hold 10 rounds. These snap right into the cylinder quickly for speed reloads on the field.


  • Capable of speed reloads
  • Upgraded hop up
  • Decent price


  • Only 1 color option
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Best Elite Force AEG Rifle:

Elite Force VFC HK416 A5

Elite Force H&K 416-A5 CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle by VFC (Black)

The Hk416 A5 comes with all the licensing and features that H&K has to offer, making it one of the top electric airsoft rifles around. It is extremely durable, with solid metal construction and a high-end internal system that are right on par with other models in the VFC Avalon line.

The updated rail system includes integrated front and rear sights, which flip up when you need them and fold down again for storage or travel. This model also accurately replicates H&K's gas piston system. It uses standard M4/STANAG magazines and takes standard V2 gearbox upgrades.

Other great features include the ambidextrous magazine release, the enlarged magwell, the updated bolt release, and the larger trigger guards for bigger hands or colder days when gloves are a necessity. The downside is that the battery and charger do need to be purchased separately.


  • Durable construction
  • Quick reloads
  • Ambidextrous magazine release


  • Battery and charger not included
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Best Airsoft BBs:

Elite Force BBs

Elite Force Premium 6mm Airsoft BBs Ammo, .25 Gram, 5000 Count, Multi (2279506)

Like with all BBs, you need to find the best weight for the gun you're using. For instance, the 0.2g BBs are best for low-powered rifles, shotguns, or spring pistols. Rifles with a shooting range of 350-425 FPS work best with 0.25 or 0.28g. Snipers rifles or DMRs that shoot above 425 FPS need heavier BBs of 0.32g or higher.

Luckily, the Elite Force BBs come in a variety of weights, so you can get the right ones for the airsoft guns you're using. They also come in different quantities as well, giving you as many as you need for the day or for multiple games. These BBs are also decently priced, so you won't spend a fortune on your airsoft ammo, even if you frequent the events in your area. The polished uniform construction even helps improve your accuracy.


  • Polished uniform construction
  • Multiple sizes and quantities
  • Unique screw-top bottle


  • Not environmentally friendly
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Best Biodegradable Airsoft BBs:

Elite Force Bio BBs

Elite Force Premium Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft BBS Ammo.25 Gram, 5000 Count, (Model: 2279061)

There are many airsoft fields that require the use of biodegradable BBs, to keep the environment clean and healthy. That's why Elite Force has added the Bio BBs to their manufacturing list. These BBs actually break down over time just from regular exposure to water and the sun, keeping pollution to a minimum and reducing cleanup at the same time.

These BBs are relatively inexpensive, though they are a bit pricier than the regular BBs on the market. They have a polished uniform construction for increased accuracy. There are a variety of weights to choose from, so you can get the right ones for your pistols, rifles, or DMRs. There are a few quantity options to choose from as well, all of which are conveniently packaged in an airtight container, which helps increase their lifespan.


  • Safe for the environment
  • Polished uniform construction
  • Multiple weight and quantity options


  • Pricier than other BBs
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Elite Force Airsoft Final Thoughts

Whether you're just a beginner or have moved up to the expert ranks in the airsoft world, you'll likely want some decent equipment to use. That's why many airsofters are choosing Elite Force airsoft products. These pieces are durable and well-built, giving you premium gear at a decent price.

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