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Nice Pistol! Cybergun FNX-45 Review [Gotta Have An Airsoft Sidearm]

If you’ve been in the market for an airsoft sidearm, you already know how frustrating it can be to find the one. There are so many features to consider before making a decision. It’s exhausting. Let us help you out. This CyberGun FNX-45 Review will show you that this airsoft tactical sidearm has many attractive features that make it the only one you will need in your holster.

Before You Buy

Something to consider when buying any airsoft sidearm is what real firearms you own or are a fan of. Your training and experience with the firearm will transfer to its airsoft counterpart in many ways. You can also perform draw training and some types of shooting drills in the backyard with your airsoft gun. How much are you willing to spend on an airsoft pistol? Remember: the less you pay, the more you’ll spend in the long run repairing or replacing your sidearm. Are you left handed? Do you want the versatility of an ambidextrous platform? If so, you’ve already crossed off many options from your short list. What about accessory integration? How easy is it to add a light to the pistol? What about red dot sights? How easy is it to integrate a mock suppressor? What about colors?

Cybergun FNX-45

fn herstal fnx-45 airsoft gbb(Airsoft Gun)

In 2006, the American arm of Belgian firearms company Fabrique Nationale Herstal submitted the FN Experimental to the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Command. The military wanted to replace the time-tested but venerable Beretta M9 as their standard issue sidearm. Budget constraints the program shuttered before officials made any decisions. Fortunately, FN USA continued producing the firearm for private use. FN licensed the rights to French airsoft company CyberGun for an airsoft version of their firearm. Vega Force Company, of Taiwan, manufactured the piece for CyberGun. In the box, you will find the FNX-45, one magazine and an extra pistol grip backplate that’s lower-profile in case the stock one is too big for your hands. If you’re looking for an airsoft pistol platform that is of strong overall build quality and remains extremely faithful to its real steel counterpart, you definitely need to consider the FNX-45.


  • Strong polymer build
  • 300FPS projectile velocity with .20 gram BBs
  • Double- and single-action trigger
  • Declocking lever
  • Included low-profile swappable grip


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Hard plastic BB feeding lip on the magazines
  • Trigger pull on double-action feels like a toy
  • CyberGun customer support is hard to connect with
  • Limited support for stock replacement parts

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Features and Benefits of the Cybergun FNX 45


The airsoft FNX-45 is almost indistinguishable from its firearm counterpart. You’ll find full trademarks on the slide and on the pistol grip, which has a nice stippled pattern. To manufacture this pistol, VFC made molds from a real FNX-45. The trademarks aren’t laser etched; they’re part of the gun. On the underside of the frame, you’ll find a unique serial number plate for added realism. The outer barrel is stamped at the ejection port with the real firearm’s caliber, .45 ACP. The airsoft pistol has high-profile iron sights that make it easier to see over any mock suppressors you choose to attach to it. You can find the FNX-45 in both and black .

Cybergun FNX 45Strength

Many of the features veteran airsofters look for in a sidearm are included with a stock FNX-45. Its robust polymer build feels like the real deal. You’ll find it has a crisp blowback action with each shot. The hair trigger pulls in single action is easy on the index finger. And nothing beats the feeling of reloading after emptying a magazine. As soon as you put a new one in, the slide lock disengages, chambering another BB for you to retaliate with.


You’ll love the airsoft FNX-45 magazines. The body of each magazine is in a chrome finish, making it eye-catching. If you tend to be clumsy on the field, the shine of the magazine will make it easier to spot. Each mag holds 25 rounds and will empty three to four times before a gas refill. VFC moved the green gas fill valve from the bottom of the magazine to the back, just under the percussion valve. This protects the delicate fill valve from accidental drops. It also makes the airsoft pistol look more realistic by hiding the valve inside the gun.

Raw Performance

Out of the box, the FNX-45 is pinpoint accurate for an airsoft pistol. The hop-up unit is easily adjustable by removing the slide and keeps your shots on target to an impressive range. With .25g BBs, you’ll consistently hit man-sized targets at 75 feet. The polymer frame means you won’t see the dramatic cooling issues you get with full metal airsoft pistols. It’s relatively low projectile velocity means you won’t be restricted to a lengthy minimum engagement distance. With your airsoft FNX-45, its see an enemy, shoot an enemy.

Full Ambidexterity

If you’re a southpaw or you just like having the option to wield a pistol in your off-hand, the airsoft FNX-45 has you covered. Some airsoft pistols include features that can be switched to the left side. Not so with the FNX-45. The magazine release, slide release, safety and decocking lever are on both sides of this pistol, so you can use it with your left hand no problem. And, just like your friends in the Matrix or any John Woo gun-fu theater flick, you can put one in each hand without struggling with right-handed features.

Cybergun FNX 45 tanMaintenance

Time to lube up the pistol or clean it up after a day on the field? Simply drop the magazine, move the slide over a slot and rotate the slide lock to remove the upper part of the pistol. From here, you can spray silicone oil onto all the parts where metal meets metal to keep it in prime working condition.

Mini-Red Dot Sight and Suppressor Integration

Wanna go for the true Tom Clancy look? You can do that with your FNX-45 without attaching a pesky aftermarket frame. Simply remove a metal plate from the slide. You’ll need a small hex-head wrench or Allen key to remove the fasteners affixing the plate to the slide. But once it’s gone, you’ll see the attachment points for a micro-red dot sight.

The orange tip is also thread protector. It covers the 16-millimeter positive threads you need to attach a mock suppressor. To get the tip-off, you’ll want to cover it with a soft cloth to protect the paint. Then, grab a pair of combination pliers and twist it counterclockwise. You can also take it to your local airsoft shop and have a longer inner-barrel installed. You’ll have slightly more range and a higher FPS for your efforts. Don’t want to change the internals? Get a tracer unit that flashes special glow-in-the-dark BBs with light so you can watch your projectiles go to their target.

Comparable Alternatives to the FNX-45

ASG CZ P-09 in Black/OD Green

ASG CZ P-09 Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol with Outer Barrel Threading

The ASG CZ P-09 is a solid alternative to the FNX-45. Česk Zbrojovka gave their licensing rights to ASG to create an airsoft version of their firearm and this is the result. Its deep 25 round magazine matches that of the FNX-45. The most notable difference is this pistol runs on CO². It is somewhat ambidextrous with its safety, but that’s it. Clocking in at 350 to 370 FPS, you have a competitive platform that is still unique, like the FNX-45.

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KWA Adaptive Training Pistol

KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol

The KWA ATP is another strong alternative to the FNX-45, especially if you’re looking to fill the gap only an airsoft Glock can. And at 340 to 350 FPS, you’ll still have a strong sidearm. It’s polymer frame and metal slide mimics that of the FNX-45, so you’ll have a similar satisfying blowback. You can even find extended magazines for this green gas (not-a) Glock. It’s supposed to be very efficient with that gas as well, which means fewer refills.

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CyberGun FNX-45 Revew Final Thoughts

If you want to complete that futuristic soldier loadout or you’re just looking for a strong sidearm to accompany you into 6mm combat, the FNX-45 is sure to fit your needs. Its many attractive features like full ambidexterity and stock integration of exterior optics simply are not available in other airsoft sidearms in its price range. The VFC CyberGun FNX-45 is the complete package right out of the box.

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