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Writing Team

Henry Ngan
Henry grew up in Toronto, Canada where he did the basic stuff children do. He has a passion in Airsoft and loves to introduce others to the sport. He currently studies at York University and plays mostly at Siege Airsoft.
C.S. Wilhelm
C.S. Wilhelm has is a 28 year old ex-military guy who's been playing airsoft regularly for over a year in the forests of west coast Canada. Less interestingly, he's also a tremendous nerd. C.S. Wilhelm has a degree in both Creative Writing and English, is a former editor of Portal magazine, and is currently an IT student.
Noah Mains
Noah Mains is a writer, an airsofter, and most importantly, he's stuck in the 80s. From Colt SMGs to David Bowie to brick phones, he has an acute appreciation for the greatest decade, and is more than happy to share his enthusiasm for the ALICE gear system (the superior loadout, of course) with anyone who'll listen.