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This or That? Airsoft vs. Paintball [You Choose!]

So you’re sitting at a table with your friends, a date, or an acquaintance, and you start talking about hobbies. Inevitably, you mention that you play airsoft, only to be met with ‘That’s like paintball, right?’ Yes and no. Airsoft and Paintball are similar in that they’re both sports that involve shooting at other people … Read more

Guide to Airsoft FPS

Firepower! Guide to Airsoft FPS [Test Your Limits]

Players, especially new ones, often are all about getting the gun that slings BBs at the highest Feet Per Second possible. However, all the FPS in the world won’t do you any good if your field won’t let you run your gun because it shoots too hot. There are a few factors in play that … Read more

Airsoft History

The More You Know! Airsoft History [Learn]

Warfare is simultaneously the most thrilling and the most terrifying experience known to humans, so naturally, ever since the invention of weapons we’ve typically tried to come up with a non-fatal ways of simulating battle. This worked pretty well for a while – dull blades and long sticks replicating the real things well enough – … Read more

Airsoft Tech

Fix it? Airsoft Tech Know Your Equipment [Yes We Can]

Ah, we’ve all been there. After a week or two of waiting, it’s finally game day. You head off to your local airsoft field for a day of slinging plastic and… your gun won’t work. It’s jamming. It’s not firing. It’s shooting completely wrong. Or, on a more positive note, you’ve got your eye on … Read more

Airsoft Rifle! Ares Amoeba CG Series [Review]

With so many airsoft rifles on the market, it can be hard to pick your first one. Whatever it is, it has to be reliable, durable, and shoot straight. Newer isn’t always better and if you’re looking to get into the sport this 2014 AEG might just be your new best friend. With this Ares … Read more

Big Bang! 6 Best Airsoft Grenades 2019 [Tactical Pursuit]

There are two kinds of grenades in airsoft — hand grenades and 40mm grenades that are essentially gigantic shotgun shells. Today, we’re getting in touch with our inner pitcher and taking a look at hand grenades, the ultimate tool for clearing rooms, blocking vision, and generally solving any task that a gun struggles to deal … Read more