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How to Organize an Airsoft Team That Will Dominate

Do you have an airsoft team? Do you ever play airsoft in team? If you answered yes to either of these
questions, it will be worth while for you to learn how an airsoft team is generally organized and what
each specific persons job is. This way, you can learn the positions and take the  knowledge into account when planning your airsoft strategy. This article will give explain how to organize your team and dominate the
playing field.

How To Organize Your Team

airsoft_team_position_roleA common way to Organize a team is to have a Squad Leader, Fire Team Leaders, and Riflemen. Here
is an example of how a 9 man team might be Organized: A Squad Leader, 2 Fire Team Leaders, and 6
Riflemen. Each Fire Team leader would have 3 Rifleman

The Squad Leader

Your squad leader should have a lot of experience and knowledge. The squad leader’s objective is to
lead his team to victory. The squad leader will be constantly in contact with his two fire team leaders.
Because he must communicate with his fire team leaders so often, it’s a good idea for the squad leader
and the fire team leaders to have radios.

The Fire Team Leader

This is how things usually go. The squad leader will give the fire team leader a command and then
the fire team leader will direct the men in his charge to complete the command he received. You will
hardly ever see a fire team get split up. They are a unified team who’s goal is to fullfill the orders of
their squad leader. Fire team leaders also need airsoft experience and knowledge, but not as much as
the squad leader.

The Rifleman

If it is your first time joining a team or you are new to airsoft, you are for sure going to be a rifleman.
Even if you have been playing airsoft for a very long time, you may still be a rifleman. It is the
rifleman’s job to listen and obey his squad leader and fire team leader. To be a good rifleman, you need
to be able to take commands and criticism from your leaders because they will likely know a lot more
about airsoft then you.

      Without an Organized airsoft team, your chances of winning a game are severely hindered. But with a
      team that is unified, you will be able dominate at airsoft.