Light & Fast! Airsoft PMC Loadout [Private Military Contractors]

Light & Fast! Airsoft PMC Loadout [Private Military Contractors]

Whether it’s for role play, functional or historical purposes many airsoft enthusiasts often try to replicate the “loadout” of their favorite PMCs. The problem is as more and more people in the airsoft world are trying to adopt these loadouts the more unrealistic it is becoming due to multiple flaws. Creating a realistic PMC loadout … Read more

Greatest Gen. 5 WW2 Airsoft Guns 2019 [Classy Style]

Greatest Gen. 5 WW2 Airsoft Guns 2019 [Classy Style]

Most airsoft guns aren't particularly historical. They replicate arms and armaments from the last twenty to thirty years, from the M4A1 carbine to the Kriss Vector SMG. With all this focus on the modern-day tactical, it's tempting to want to escape the status quo of quad rails and red dot sights, and go back to … Read more

Boom Stick! 4 Best Airsoft Shotgun 2019 [Clear The Room]

Boom Stick! 4 Best Airsoft Shotgun 2019 [Clear The Room]

Have you gotten a bit bored with electric airsoft rifles lately? It's not unusual- no matter how fast or hard they can shoot or how much they've been modified, they still sound like rapid-fire kitchen appliances and having to charge batteries before every game can be a hassle. If you want an alternative airsoft gun, … Read more

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Sight Line! 7 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles 2019 [Bulls-eye]

“One shot, one kill,” is the unofficial motto of military snipers in popular culture; there’s something glamorous about these warriors with patience, skill, and an uncanny ability to place a shot accurately on target from hundreds of yards away. In airsoft, sniping is almost entirely different from its real-world counterpart, but it still requires a … Read more

Best Airsoft Goggles

Fun! 8 Best Airsoft Goggles 2019 [Eye Safety]

Airsoft combat can be laidback, recreational or involve some heavy-duty, intense combat scenarios. No matter how you approach airsoft gaming don’t ignore the basics and this includes safety. Going into airsoft combat without wearing protective gear for your eyes can be a fatal mistake! I’m sure that you have used a chronograph and you know how fast … Read more

Big Bang! 6 Best Airsoft Grenades 2019 [Tactical Pursuit]

There are two kinds of grenades in airsoft — hand grenades and 40mm grenades that are essentially gigantic shotgun shells. Today, we’re getting in touch with our inner pitcher and taking a look at hand grenades, the ultimate tool for clearing rooms, blocking vision, and generally solving any task that a gun struggles to deal … Read more

Why is it so hard to get a true airsoft glock?

Get Real! 4 Best Airsoft Glock Look-a-Likes 2019 [Difficult]

I know what you’re thinking. You’re looking for the best airsoft Glock. Maybe it’s your concealed carry weapon. Maybe you’re law enforcement looking for an inexpensive way to practice draw and reloads. Maybe you’re looking to build a realistic loadout for airsoft. An airsoft Glock would complete that kit. If you live in the United … Read more

Hybrid or Sniper? 5 Best Airsoft Scopes 2019 [Oh My!]

As all airsoft players know, choosing the right accessories for your airsoft gun can be difficult. The market is also full of different types of optics and scopes that you just don’t know which to pick! With this knowledge and research from the Internet, you are probably wondering what options are best for you when … Read more

Best Airsoft BBs

No Barrel Breaks! 4 Best Airsoft BBs 2019 [Biodegradable]

One of the most humble pieces of equipment in airsoft is the BB. When they work right, they go unnoticed. It’s when a BB shatters in the magazine or in the barrel of your airsoft gun do you appreciate the importance of quality ammo in airsoft. Buying the right BBs can be a tough choice … Read more