Long Range! Sig Sauer 556 Airsoft AEG Rifle Review [Swiss Design]

Airsoft gamers were delighted when SoftAir and Cybergun licensed the SIG 556—regarded as one of the most advanced battle rifles that meets and exceeds the contemporary standards for performance and durability in this segment was introduced. A SIGARMS battle rifle, the SIG 556 made an instant impression with its full metal body and possesses the … Read more

Winchester Model 14 CO2 Air Rifle Review

Historic… Winchester Model 14 CO2 Air Rifle Review [Amazing Accuracy]

Few air rifles can compete with the M14 combat rifles in terms of having an impressive history. The Winchester Model 14 has historical significance being the standard service rifle for Marine U.S. Army infantry. During the 1960’s and 70’s more than 1.3 million M14 rifles were issued to the U.S. Military Veterans. Developed in the 1930’s, … Read more

Crosman P1322 Air Pistol Review

Pump Action! Crosman P1322 Air Pistol Review [Top Rated Pistol]

Living up to its name, the Crosman 1322 air pistol delivers more than what you paid for. This is the .22-caliber version of the popular 1377 pistol, which is an American classic. Intelligently designed this pellet pistol makes a great starter gun for learning to shoot airguns or firearms. The modern version of the classic … Read more

Super Light! Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft Rifle Review [Affordable]

The Crosman Pulse R76 airsoft rifle is presumably the first entry from Crosman in the niche of AEG’s that offer vivid similarity with Tokyo Marui AK Beta “Spetsnaz” models. The design has been perfected, pushing it to the top tier of airsoft shooters that impress with just their looks. However, the brownie points for this … Read more

COLT M4 CQB Full Metal AEG Airsoft Rifle Review

Not A Seal? COLT M4 CQB Full Metal AEG Airsoft Rifle Review [Pretend!]

The Colt M4 CQB Full Metal AEG airsoft rifle by Jing Gong (Golden Bow) has managed to impress sports enthusiasts and experts alike since it’s first unveiling. This airsoft gun was intended to be a clone of the Classic Army M4 CQB-R but owing to its faultless construction and precise likeness to the original one the … Read more

Bull-pup! Cybergun Famas F1 Airsoft Gun Review [Tri-pod Included]

When buying an airsoft gun, durability, accuracy, strength and appearance are the biggest considerations. It seems better to rely on gun brands that have earned the reputation with consistency in quality and performance. The Cybergun Famas is one such proposition. It has found a loyal audience across the airsoft globe. The pricing is tempting and … Read more

Gamo MP9 Blowback Machine Pistol Review

Gamo MP9 Blowback Machine Pistol Review

Lightweight and small in size, the GAMO Mp9 Blowback Co2 is a beautifully and very realistic replica of the B&T MP-9 9 mm submachine weapon. Loaded with features like velocity of up to 450 fps, semi-auto mechanism and dual technology (pellet and metal BB’s), this gun has managed to impress airsoft enthusiasts and experts with … Read more

Crosman Stinger R34 Airsoft Gun Review

Review: Crosman Stinger R34 Airsoft Gun

The Crosman Stinger R34 airsoft rifle makes a good first impression with its military styling. From a distance, you might mistake it for the real stuff but hold it and you realize that it is among the more boldly and closer to reality designed airsoft guns. The first impression that comes to any airsoft gamer’s … Read more

Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Review

Great For Beginners! Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Review [Easy To Use]

There is no dearth of BB and pellet guns in the market. Both of them come with their share of pros and cons. However, the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster offers a great fusion of both. According to Crosman, over 12 million rifles have been sold in the past 51 years, that’s 644 new 760 pumpmaster owner’s … Read more

Umarex EBOS Tactical BB Rifle Review

8 Shot Burst! Umarex EBOS Tactical BB Rifle Review [Fun Automatic]

Launch of Umarex EBOS Tactical BB gun put an end to the anticipation that BB gun enthusiasts and shooting pros had regarding this tactical BB rifle. Initial testing with the Umarex EBOS air pistol has provided some pretty decent results which will allow us to say that the rifle has not disappointed in terms of … Read more