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8 Shot Burst! Umarex EBOS Tactical BB Rifle Review [Fun Automatic]

Launch of Umarex EBOS Tactical BB gun put an end to the anticipation that BB gun enthusiasts and shooting pros had regarding this tactical BB rifle. Initial testing with the Umarex EBOS air pistol has provided some pretty decent results which will allow us to say that the rifle has not disappointed in terms of accuracy, performance and operation. Allowing you to shoot in 1, 4, or 8 shot bursts with a high velocity of 540 fps, the rifle provides immense power on the field.

Umarex EBOS

Umarex EBOS- .177 Caliber Steel BB Air Gun Pistol

Powered by a single 88 g CO2 capsule, the rifle features an ergonomic pistol grip and removable fore-grip allowing you to shoot comfortably for long hours. The 4-sided tactical railing lets you customize your gun with any enhancements that you would like to add such as a compensator or barrel extension.

Before getting into the specifics of the Umarex Ebos Review let’s take a look at the gun’s specifications:

  • Electronic Burst of Steel (EBOS) rifle
  • Brand Umarex
  • Capacity 360
  • Length: 24.75″
  • Action Semi-Auto
  • Power 88 gram CO2
  • Barrel Length 9.7″
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity: 540 FPS
  • Ammunition: Steel BB’s
  • Trigger Power: (2) AA Batteries not included
  • Built-in (non-removable) mag
  • Electronic trigger control
  • Weaver/Picatinny rails
  • Optic Compatible Tactical Rail
  • Rear Sight Type Adjustable
  • Tactical foregrip
  • Front Sight Type Adjustable
  • Trigger Type Electronic
  • 24-rd mag, 400-rd reservoir!
  • Burst mode for 4 or 8 rounds at a time
  • If you use the bulk-fill CO2 adapter, the buttstock won’t fit on the gun

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Appearance and Design

umarex-ebos-attachmentsThis semi-automatic gun has an impressive design with top and bottom tactical railing that allow you to customize your gun by adding flashlight, point sight, or laser enhancement as per your need.

The EBOS is an almost all external polymer air gun with some metal components on the inside. While the steel body gives the rifle a solid feel, the removable and adjustable front grip allows ease of operation.

The CO2 compartment is hidden in stock and the rifle features a concealed battery compartment in the grip.

front-gripThe design is realistic, robust and much liked by most of the air gun enthusiasts. Our only concern with the design is regarding the front barrel which protrudes from the EBOS a bit and since it is made of plastic, it may be prone to breakage in the event of a drop directly onto the barrel.


Umarex EBOS CO2 BB gun fires pretty well and with slight mod is very accurate and powerful. You might need to insert a small wedge under the rear sight to raise it up as some other users have reported. At more than 50 plus feet you can put all shots into a 3 inch circle.

The 88 gram air cylinder is quite durable; just put a tiny drop of grease on the top and then tighten all the way to preserve the gun’s inner seals and prevent leakage in the CO2 cylinder.

The trigger on the Umarex EBOS is electronic so it does not have any real distinct break point or resistance to it and works rather well. Even in single fire mode you can fire very quickly.umarex-ebos-parts-mods

To operate this gun follow the steps below:

  1. Wear your safety goggles.
  2. Install the CO2 capsule by removing the stock.
  3. Load up to 400 BB’s in the BB reservoir.
  4. Release the safety and choose firing mode.
  5. Aim at your intended target and pull the trigger.

For further information on operating the gun I suggest reading the supplied umarex ebos manual.

Performance & Accuracy

The EBOS is undoubtedly an accurate rifle as you can see from the groups above

The EBOS has a user select lever for firing 1 BB, 4 BB’s rapid fire or 8 BB’s rapid fire which means that the 4 and 8 BB ‘bursts’ are fully automatic. The electronic trigger requires six AA batteries but these are not included with the gun. It will not operate without the batteries and to avoid repetitive replacement of the batteries it is best to remove them when you are not using the gun.

It uses a 90 gram CO2 canister for propelling the BB’s at 540 feet per second. The Umarex EBOS is easy to load, charge (attach CO2), and adjust for preferences. The accuracy is pretty good too as shooting hanging cans at 40 feet away resulted in hitting them correctly 90% of the time. However, the accuracy is most from 30 feet away.

On performing the test in full auto 8 round burst mode the grouping did get a bit larger but the EBOS still stayed well on target. We went a step further to use 88 gram CO2 cartridge and were able to get a 481 fps average 8 shot result which was quite impressive.

front-barrelOur Verdict

If we look at the pros and cons this semi-automatic rifle appears quite balanced. With slight improvements in the sight and battery consumption, the Umarex EBOS will deliver complete worth for your money.


  • he first pro is the gun’s inexpensive pricing at just over $100 with full features.
  • The 24 round “internal magazine” with nearly exactly the same controls and control values.
  • Nice stock design and easy CO2 access.
  • Excellent power – right around the 500 fps mark even on a well-used CO2.
  • At 1/3rd the price Hopper for quick ‘magazine’ reloads.
  • The ability to shoot for a longer period before reloading is a plus and having a choice of rate of fire is a bonus.
  • For a gun of this power this rifle is surprisingly quiet and the noise levels can be further reduced by installing a compensator. If you add tape to cover the holes on the compensator, it becomes as quiet as a gun with a silencer fitted on to it.


  • Fire rate is far slower than the Force/Storm which is disappointing because most of the people pick this gun due to the fire rate.
  • The 88/90 gram cartridges get quite expensive, so easier adaption to bulk CO2 would have been better.
  • The rifle eats batteries if you don’t remember to turn it off, so a timed disconnect or a trigger disconnect from the power source would have been nice.
  • The sights are not as impressive and need improvement. In fact, you might need to buy an aftermarket one for improved accuracy. Putting a red dot sight such as the UTG 38mm CQB Dot Site on top to increase accuracy is also recommended.
  • The rear sight is way too wide so we would suggest replacing or upgrading it.
  • The all plastic exterior may put off some people looking for a heavier more metal gun

We would rate the Umarex EBOS Tactical BB Rifle ten out of ten on the fun factor. Then the reasonable pricing of the gun is another factor that goes in the favor of the gun and enables the enthusiasts to add it to their collection without any qualms. High velocities going up to 540 fps, very good accuracy even in full auto mode and a high capacity CO2 and BB feeding system make this one worth purchasing. This BB gun offers versatile shooting selection of 1-4-8 shot burst and 300-400-500 rounds per minute and allows adding accessories on top and bottom. So, go ahead and order one for your prized collection today!

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